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Tessa Jowell has brain cancer

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MawBroon Sun 17-Sep-17 23:11:49

This is very sad news.
I always felt that she was one of the "good guys".

Cherrytree59 Sun 17-Sep-17 23:31:27

Sad news indeed sad
Wonderful that her family have pledged to help others who are living through similar circumstances

Jangran99 Mon 18-Sep-17 00:45:18

How like her to think of others. I've always admired her, and never more than now.

Iam64 Mon 18-Sep-17 06:35:39

Very sad news, I always felt she was a good politician.

Imperfect27 Mon 18-Sep-17 06:49:28

Yes, that is sad news. she is someone to admire.

TriciaF Mon 18-Sep-17 07:08:48

Very sad, for her and her family.

Anya Mon 18-Sep-17 07:17:47

That's awful - poor woman.

durhamjen Mon 18-Sep-17 08:15:28

The good news is that she is still alive four months after diagnosis.
Good for Tessa.
She's being positive.

Anniebach Mon 18-Sep-17 08:47:27

Such sad news, only seventy years old.

Luckygirl Mon 18-Sep-17 09:09:19

That is sad.

nigglynellie Mon 18-Sep-17 12:53:15

I was very sorry to hear this news and can only hope that she gets a positive outcome.

rafichagran Mon 18-Sep-17 19:21:21

I am sorry to hear this. I used to like her as a politician.