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Greyduster Sat 18-Nov-17 09:13:30

I see they have appointed the first female, Sarah Clarke, to the post of Black Rod! An archaic title, but an important post, and I for one am very pleased to see it has not gone to yet another retired senior serviceman. Let us hear it for the girls!

Humbertbear Sat 18-Nov-17 09:15:38

I just hope they can find someone to replace her at Wimbledon!

Smithy Sat 18-Nov-17 13:45:02

Never heard of her until now - just quickly got genned up. But who cares really.

Elegran Sat 18-Nov-17 14:33:28

Everyone cares who believes in equal opportunities for men and women. Half the population is female, but every one of the people appointed to that office have been male.

If all women had said "Who cares anyway?" when women were first trying to become doctors, lawyers, and priests, and to be eligible to vote, then our daughters would be cleaners, housemaids and childminders, or if these jobs were all filled, either marry the first man to condescend to ask them or sell their bodies on the street.

Smithy Sat 18-Nov-17 19:52:16

Elegran you are right, but that's not what I meant. At this moment in time we have one of or possibly the most useless prime ministers ever, the country is possibly on the brink of a financial disaster, so I don't think a woman as Black Rod is of any great importance. That's all.

nigglynellie Sun 19-Nov-17 09:16:24

I care, as I believe that ALL occupations should be on an equal level and if this occupation was for men only then hooray that it now is not! I can't see the relevance to the current government/Prime Minister to the problems of equality in the work place! confused

Elegran Sun 19-Nov-17 11:04:34

The presence of an enormous problem doesn't eclipse all other considerations entirely.