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MaizieD Sun 17-Dec-17 11:41:34

On Friday I mentioned on another thread the 'Sack REbel MPs and get on with Brexit' headline from the Daily Express. I'm not the only person on social media who pointed out that such a move would destroy May's majority. So would be self defeating

Today we have another of those ridiculous headlines which a moment's thought would tell us that its effect would be the opposite of what it proclaims as 'good'

The Sun splashes: BRITISH workers are set for an overtime bonanza after Brexit, it was revealed last night.
They base this on the Cabinet extreme Brexiter's drive to scrap the EU Working Time directive which limits working hours to 48 per week.

This will give workers the opportunity to work extra hours for overtime payment, The Sun claims.

Well, someone prove me wrong on this, but in all the time we have been in the EU I have never noticed that people have been prevented from overtime working, even Sun readers must be aware of this, surely?

But the real foot shooter is that if the legal limit to working hours is scrapped 'overtime' would no longer exist, so where's the benefit?

Did Leavers vote for being expected to work longer hours for no overtime pay?

(My thoughts, which will remain unexpressed here, contain the word 'turkies')

Does anyone else have examples of misleading pro-Brexit media stories to share?

whitewave Sun 17-Dec-17 11:45:57

Wonder what else the extremists are looking to scrape. My guess is all of it over the years.

MaizieD Sun 17-Dec-17 11:59:47

Oooh, forgot to link to the story. Apologies

MaizieD Sun 17-Dec-17 18:13:25

A little story for you, lifted from twitter:

I used to be union rep. So it was my job to point out to the boss, crowing over the huge chunk of overtime he'd just offered us, that 1/5 of his workforce were on stress related sick, after doing too much overtime! That was HM Inspector of Taxes in the 80s. Pre WTD, under Tories. By this time my colleagues weren't even cheering any more when they were told another tranche of overtime was available. That'll be the situation again under this lot; work us into the ground, no sick pay, no benefits and pay for medical care.

Primrose65 Sun 17-Dec-17 23:13:42

There's a great video of Diane Abbott talking about Brexit on the Andrew Marr show today on the BBC iPlayer.
I think it's pro-Brexit, it's difficult to tell, but it's probably misleading.

whitewave Thu 21-Dec-17 09:00:01

Although this isn’t about Brexit, I think that it is indirectly related as many of us agree including many Tories, that the type of headlines that we are getting from the far right press has “allowed” and encouraged the hate and bilecso prevalent .

David Lammy has put onto twitter an email which has threatened him with murder a la MP Joe Cox.

Whilst others have received rascist Christmas cards and other foul communications.

Brexit and the rejection of immigrants have released these latent fascists. It is time they were put back in their box.

whitewave Thu 21-Dec-17 09:01:40

Dianne Abbot has received more rascist hate mail than any other MP. I admire her strength to deal with such dreadful stuff.

Primrose65 Thu 21-Dec-17 11:06:49

I do too ww
I don't admire her poor performance as a politician though.
I don't admire her hypocrisy in sending her son to City Boys school.

yggdrasil Thu 21-Dec-17 11:45:26

I don't see that as hypocrisy. She wants good schooling for every child, and her party will work towards it. In the meantime, faced with the mess the Tories have made of education, she does the best she can for her child. He only gets one chance, he can't wait till the system gets fixed.

Primrose65 Thu 21-Dec-17 12:41:49

I don't think it's a problem with the system at all in her area. London schools are regularly reported as being the best in the UK. There's certainly no Tory mess where she lives - he could have attended an outstanding academy.
I think you'll have a hard job finding anyone who thinks the system is broken in London.
That's why I see it as hypocrisy.

Primrose65 Thu 21-Dec-17 12:49:45

Interestingly, he ended up at Cambridge like his mum and is currently working at the FO on EU exit and bilateral strategy.