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Luckygirl Wed 20-Dec-17 09:48:28

If you google Kindle Daily Deal, there is Roger Bootle's "Making a Success of Brexit and reforming the EU."

99p - a bargain!

It is favourably reviewed by both camps in the debate.

newnanny Wed 20-Dec-17 11:43:01

Last Christmas my DG got the book Five go to Brexit Island from his secret Santa.

lemongrove Wed 20-Dec-17 11:51:33

Thanks Luckygirl will look for

petra Wed 20-Dec-17 13:55:25

Thanks for that Luckygirl I've ordered it.

Luckygirl Wed 20-Dec-17 13:59:17

I suspect that if I had titled this thread "Anti-Brexit book" there would have been a rush of readers! grin

petra Wed 20-Dec-17 14:12:23

Very perceptive of you Luckygirl wink

lemongrove Wed 20-Dec-17 17:11:25

Bought it!