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Gary Haggarty- a deal worth doing?

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trisher Mon 29-Jan-18 18:09:49

Having killed at least 5 times, been involved in many other deaths and in violent incidents UVF man Haggarty is likely to serve 6 years in prison. Is this right? And how much do you suppose his past career as a police informer helped him make a good deal?

M0nica Mon 29-Jan-18 22:23:24

It is part of the deal made to get the Good Friday agreement. These deals have been struck for a lot of killers. Similar arrangements have been made in other countries with an immediately violent past.

Ideally, it is not what anyone would want, but think how many people haven't died in Northern Ireland and in Britain since 1998 as a result of this agreement. Like unpleasant and damaging medical treatment, if overall it keeps people alive and I think it was worth it.