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alternativegran Wed 21-Mar-18 09:17:11

It gladdened my heart to hear that Alphie Dingley will be able to take cannabis oil to help stop his epileptic fits.

I understand that all medicine has to be standardised but surely there could be a halfway house whereby patients could be overseen by their doctors whilst taking cannabis. Sir Patrick Stewart who went with Alfie’s parents to present 5heir position to Parliament is able to take medical cannabis in California for his arthritis.

I hope the door will be opened now for all the other people with diseases that could be helped by cannabis, the fact that the UK exports more cannabis for medical use than any other country in the world has exposed the governments hypocracy.

Bridgeit Thu 22-Mar-18 08:15:19

Yes I agree Alternativegran, I had no idea how much cannabis helped certain conditions until an elderly lady told me about the benefits it has for relieving the pain of arthritis. So no doubt it helps with other conditions , many medical drugs can be addictive so there really seems to be no distinction to be made between this & other pain relievers.

petra Thu 22-Mar-18 08:35:15

Cannabis was the only drug that relieved the pain my friend suffered with her MS until she finally got an implant to control the pain.
It's not right that adults have to ' phone John to ask if he's got any gear.

alternativegran Thu 22-Mar-18 16:35:25

Bridgeit and Petra you might like to look at the United Patients Alliance website and watch the videos of young people who have diseases that can be helped by cannabis and just wan to get on with their lives.

I think that pressure on the government needs to be kept up, they look to the elderly for votes and if we all support medical cannabis things could. change.