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Amma54 Thu 12-Apr-18 09:41:02

Morning everyone. You may recall a few weeks back a thread about GGUK/boys identifying as girls and possible safeguarding concerns about this on residential trips.

Sisters To All Guides Facebook page have posted about an open letter to be sent by Agnes Baden Powell, Fair Play For Women and a number of other leaders, parents, former members and concerned members of the public to GGUK about this issue. They are asking for signatures and this has to be done by 9pm this evening. It's going to be published in one of the Sunday newspapers, this coming Sunday I think. We can't see the actual text of the letter, so's it isn't leaked I imagine. It looks from the comments that you may have to join the 'Sisters to All Guides' group, but you can always leave it afterwards if you wish.

Please do take a look if you are on FB.