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varian Tue 08-May-18 20:11:15

Just one of the many advantages of our EU membership has been the Erasmus Programme.

For many European students, the Erasmus Programme is their first time living and studying in another country. Hence, it has become a cultural phenomenon and is very popular among European students, going on to become the subject of movies such as the French film L'Auberge espagnole, and the documentary Erasmus 24 7[19]

The programme fosters learning and understanding of the host country. The Erasmus experience is considered both a time for learning as well as a chance to socialise.

Tutors are often keen for students of subjects such as Politics or International Relations to participate in Erasmus. It is seen as a great opportunity to study abroad while not having the expense of studying outside the European Union, since the grants available to Erasmus students are not available to those opting to leave the continent to study.

Erasmus+ is the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Its budget of €14.7 billion will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, gain experience, and volunteer abroad.

Bridgeit Tue 08-May-18 22:36:30

Will this ( or the like) no longer be available when we leave the EU. If this is so it’s so sad and another good reason why we should have stayed in!

M0nica Tue 08-May-18 22:40:45

DS is an academic and one of his worries is that being out of the EU means being out of the Erasmus programme. It will cost his department and his university a lot of money and some of his most promising students will lose an opportunity to pursue their researches elsewhere in Europe and his department will lose the opportunity to recruit brilliant students from elsewhere in Europe.

Bridgeit Tue 08-May-18 22:45:08

So sorry to read this Monica, it’s all such a mess isn’t it, largely brought about by half truths & scare tactics imo

M0nica Tue 08-May-18 22:56:03

We all tend to view the world from our own very narrow viewpoints. For many people the Eraavid |cameronsmus programme means nothing and they do not even understand what it is.

The referendum was brought upon us by one of the most intellectually shallow prime ministers we have had for generations (David Cameron), a man from the world of PR who could only see the world through the window of opinion polls and ratings and had no principles that couldn't be dropped if the focus groups didn't like them.

We are paying the price of having a Prime Minister that was such a lightweight, who since resigning has sunk without trace.

Joelsnan Tue 08-May-18 23:40:22

As there are 4000 institutions based in 37 countries it appears that this programme is not an EU exclusive initiative.

Marydoll Wed 09-May-18 06:55:38

A number of years ago, as teacher of French, I obtained a grant through this programme to undertake a short course of study to refresh my skills in Lyons.
It was a wonderful experience. Both myself and the children I taught benefitted greatly from the experience. I met teachers from all over Europe and we learned so much from each other.

JackyB Wed 09-May-18 07:22:11

All three of my DS benefitted from the programme. I did hear that the UK was going to continue with it, but nothing is definite at the moment. It does not seem to be linked directly and solely to the EU if there are 37 countries involved. (Cf, for example, Eurovision). My DS3 was in Turkey for his semester abroad.

MaizieD Wed 09-May-18 07:45:56

Joelsnan you have to go s bit further than Wikipaedia for information on who can participate in Erasmus. The section I've bolded in the extract explains why it's run in more than just EU member states. Post Brexit UK students won't be eligible under current criteria. If we want to participate then no doubt we will have to pay the EU handsomely for the privilege. Yet another adverse consequence of 'the people's' unthinking idiocy...

The Erasmus Programme (European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) is currently open to member states of the European Union, EU candidate countries, and EFTA/EEA members. If you participate in the Erasmus Programme, you are not required to pay any university fees in the hosting or partner university where you choose to study.

Luckygirl Wed 09-May-18 08:22:56

We do not yet know what the future of many things is when we leave, including the Erasmus programme.

Joelsnan Wed 09-May-18 08:46:53

It is taxpayers money funding this initiative, maybe redirecting the funds to holidays for the disadvantaged may be a consideration.

MaizieD Wed 09-May-18 08:48:08

Look at the eligibility criteria Luckygirl. If we Brexit then we are ineligible. The only way we could participate (assuming that the EU was agreeable) would be by paying for access. You don't need a crystal ball to work that out.

We do not yet know what the future of many things is when we leave

Yet another Leaver admission that they didn't have a clue about the possible results of their vote.

It's getting damn close to 'leaving time'; don't you think it's about time that we did know 'the future of many things'?

though we do actually have a pretty good idea because all those scorned experts told us before the referendum but slogans trumped expertise every time

annsixty Wed 09-May-18 08:57:06

Monica's summing up of David Cameron is the most accurate I have seen.
He was so arrogant that he believed he could hold the referendum as a done deal, not realising just how ignorant a section of the public are, seeing no further than immigration.
Such was his arrogance he had no plan B, C, or D.
I knew nothing of the Erasmus programme but regret, from reading this, that it may be affected.
Anything to widen the horizon of our young people is to be applauded.

Luckygirl Wed 09-May-18 09:12:03

No-one knows what the future of anything is in Brexit. That is why there should never have been a referendum. It was entirely wrong in principle.

We do not know what arrangements might be made for individual aspects like Erasmus and so much more.

We just wait........and watch them all squabble.

Smileless2012 Wed 09-May-18 09:20:30

I was thinking exactly the same thing annsixty. It simply never entered Cameron's mind that the result would be for Brexit so nothing was put in place.

I don't agree with "how ignorant a section of the public are, seeing no further than immigration" I prefer how ignorant Cameron was seeing no further than membership of the EU.

Luckygirl Wed 09-May-18 09:24:18

By the way - I am not a Leaver (?capital). I am someone who objected vehemently to the referendum being held at all, but recognised that not voting was also wrong. One of my objections to the referendum was the fact that it was being held in such a divisive way, when what was needed was the provision of objective information about it all to the public. I researched it all in as much detail as was available at the time - looking up lectures by assorted economists and others on both sides of the argument.

I voted leave with some trepidation, but the arguments by learned folk (NOT Boris Johnson) on that side by a fine margin (just like the referendum result) pushed me in that direction.

The whole referendum, its run-up and aftermath were an unedifying sight and made a mockery of the UK.

I endorse M0nica's comments about DC.

Please do not fall into the trap MaizieD of thinking that all leave voters are ignorant bigots. Economics was one of my subjects at university.

What we all both (those who voted leave and those who voted to stay) were entitled to expect, was a government who would negotiate the final deal with professionalism.

nigglynellie Wed 09-May-18 10:25:08

I agree with everything you say Luckygirl! particularly about D.C. (MOnica) The good people of Witney were less than amused by the antics of their MP! add coward to the list and you have it in a nutshell! A big disappointment, and that's putting it mildly!!

varian Wed 09-May-18 11:43:26

David Cameron will go down in history as a reckless gambler who chose to play with referendums rather than buy lottery tickets.

He betrayed his coalition partners by holding a referendum on changing the voting system to AV (which no-one wanted) rather than PR.

Then he gambled with the future of the UK in the Scottish referendum of 2014 (and was probably saved at the last minute by Gordon Brown's powerful intervention).

Then finally he gambled the future of our country, our children, our grandchildren by an ill-judged EU referendum - with a rigged electorate which excluded many taxpayers and without any minimum turnout or majority requirement. Not only did he lose - we all lost.

varian Fri 11-May-18 12:00:00

Britain’s exit from the European Union may hurt one of the most popular programs launched by the EU — the Erasmus student exchange — cutting the number of available destinations and participating students, officials said on Tuesday.

The country’s eligibility for the program could run out in December 2020 when a transition period ends after Britain officially leaves the EU in March 2019, unless it and the bloc negotiate a continued participation.

Without a deal, British universities would no longer be available for exchange to students from the other 27 EU countries, nor would be universities in the EU for young Britons.