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Rosina Thu 17-May-18 16:44:35

Sad to read that Barbara Windsor is declining. I'm not much of an eager 'fan' follower of celebrities and stars but some years ago I was in a large shopping mall and Barbara Windsor was doing a book signing. As I wandered past a very elderly lady approached her and asked something about her East End background. She pulled a chair up for the lady, and when I passed by again about an hour later they were still in animated conversation and both had a 'cuppa' in front of them. Her kindness then made a real impression.

Bridgeit Thu 17-May-18 16:50:31

Ahh that’s nice to read Rosina,but also sad to know that she now has this condition.
She always did seem to remain true to herself & probably that’s why she was & still is so well loved

Anniebach Thu 17-May-18 17:05:38

She is so well thought of yet was close to the Krays. I am sorry she has dementia

nigglynellie Thu 17-May-18 17:15:30

Well yes, annie, she has had a chequered past, but having said that she's made some of us laugh with her cheeky films and Alzheimer's is a terrible condition. No one deserves that.
I wonder how Prunella Scales is? another talented lady with this this hideous disease.

Anniebach Thu 17-May-18 17:52:06

Niggly, I didn’t mean she deserved it, just always wonder why some with murky pasts are accepted and some are not

BlueBelle Thu 17-May-18 18:31:13

She wasn’t very well thought of by her father and step mum I m afraid, they lived nearby me
She certainly seemed popular in the celebrity world and seem to have had a happy second marriage I think her husband has done the right thing in being open about it and yes it’s sad for anyone whatever their background

nigglynellie Thu 17-May-18 18:33:45

Oh heavens Annie, I know you didn't mean that! I was just agreeing (clumsily!) that she had had a bit of a colourful past!! I know you're sorry she's got this cruel disease. ?

Anniebach Thu 17-May-18 18:46:53

niggly x