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Trussell Trust food bank business

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Baggs Sat 19-May-18 21:11:47

I read a claim today that the Trussell Trust that runs food banks is a profit-making business. Is this true and does it matter?

grannyactivist Sat 19-May-18 22:57:22

This should answer your question Baggs. smile

Anniebach Sun 20-May-18 12:12:22

Are their ‘books’ available to the public ?

maryeliza54 Sun 20-May-18 15:09:02

Where did you read it Baggs? The social enterprise model so far as I know makes a ‘profit’ so that it can be reinvested back into the enterprise to improve the range of services offered. Not paid to shareholders as a dividend

Lazigirl Sun 20-May-18 19:10:13

I think accounts should be available via Charity Commission Anniebach. As maryeliza says the social enterprise model seems a good way to involve the community in more than merely supplying food to those in need, doesn't pay out to shareholders and surely enables them to remain sustainable.

Jayh Sun 20-May-18 19:24:30

In the Trussell Trust Mission and Values it says that it is a charity based on Christian Principles. On the website it also says that profit is reinvested in the work of the charity. I will look at the website more closely to see how profit is made. Perhaps it refers to donations. Alas, we do need to look into a charity’s financials if we want to be confident that our donations are being used ethically. I think the accounts are
available. Has anyone seen them?

Lazigirl Sun 20-May-18 20:36:59

The accounts are available to see if you look on Charity Commission site.

FarNorth Sun 20-May-18 21:42:15

Listed on their website -

Our social enterprise projects currently include:

10 community shops, two of which are dedicated furniture shops across Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire
Upcycling projects, turning household objects into low-cost items and preventing landfill
Furniture restoration and upcycling
Beading classes – where new jewellery is made from old pieces and resold
Community garden, producing delicious fruit and vegetables for the local community, as well as being an outdoor classroom for local school children from Woodlands Primary School
Online stores: Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and Music Magpie
Bobbin stripping in partnership with a local carpet manufacturer, who buy back the stripped bobbins for repeat use
Bicycle repair partnering with Rise:61

maryeliza54 Mon 21-May-18 05:05:03

I’m still wondering where Baggs read about them making a ‘profit’. My guess would be some right wing media outlet trying to make trouble - the right hate the TT because its very existence is a stunning indictment of austerity and the reality of life in Britain today for many vulnerable people. I do also wonder why some posters start threads like this when all they have to do is google the facts. The accounts are easily available online on the CC website.

M0nica Mon 21-May-18 19:09:15

Lots of charities make profits on their trading activities and lots of charities have trading activities. These profits are then ploughed back into the charities charitable purposes.

What is the problem?

maryeliza54 Mon 21-May-18 23:03:34

I think there might be a spoon involved ?