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Reform of the Gender Recognition Act - consultation open

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maryeliza54 Tue 03-Jul-18 16:37:42

A lot of reading here but the consultation is open until October. I guess there’ll be some good stuff over on MN and good links on Twitter. I think there’s a good view of us who share my belief that this is a really important issue and we need to respond to demonstrate that.

SueDonim Tue 03-Jul-18 17:06:06

Thanks, Maryeliza, for bringing the consultation to my attention.

maryeliza54 Tue 03-Jul-18 17:15:50

I thought I’d try and put useful links on here re advice on completing it - not a template but ideas we could all share. I’m going to start by just reading all the material in the link. I think Fair Play for Women and A Woman’s Place will come up with useful ideas. MN have a thread on this already of course and it’s bound to be worth reading. In some ways having until October means it could fall off the ‘to do’ list if I’m not careful so I’d welcome swopping ideas on here to keep it ‘live’. I’ll come back when I’ve done the reading. This is our one chance - the TRAs won’t be holding back.

maryeliza54 Tue 03-Jul-18 17:16:34

And I’ll keep bumping

SueDonim Tue 03-Jul-18 18:32:54

Yes, I agree about it slipping off the to-do list. I've kind of got TRA fatigue, to be honest, but I'll let my interested friends know, too.

lemongrove Tue 03-Jul-18 18:38:50

Thanks Marye this is important stuff for all women.

maryeliza54 Tue 03-Jul-18 18:49:11

If only the TRAs would get fatigued ?

Ilovecheese Wed 04-Jul-18 00:57:41

Just to bump the thread up a bit. I am still reading the info.

LumpySpacedPrincess Thu 05-Jul-18 18:21:11

An important thread.

When women and girl's sex based rights are gone then I can't see us getting them back any time soon.

Wheniwasyourage Thu 05-Jul-18 21:42:53