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Iran and Trump

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maddyone Fri 13-Jul-18 10:28:31

Yesterday I was horrified to read in the media that a young man in Iran had received 80 lashes for the crime of drinking alcohol at a family social event, I think it was a wedding, some ten years ago. He was apparently 14 years old when he drank the alcohol.
Meanwhile back in Britain, there are protests about Trump’s visit to Britain.
I’m not aware that there have been any protests about the unfortunate young Iranian. I’m not even aware that this event has been widely publicised.
What do these two unconnected events tell us about British people today?

MissAdventure Fri 13-Jul-18 10:29:55

I struggle to understand this kind of thing too.

Joelsnan Fri 13-Jul-18 10:42:04

I think many virtue signallers of today do it for egotistical self gratification rather than for any true meaningful reason. Their global understanding of culture and humanity is superficial at best and often tends to only invoke outrage if it is within their own personal perspective and conforms to the 'sheeple' mentality.

nigglynellie Fri 13-Jul-18 10:55:25

Couldn't agree more!

eazybee Fri 13-Jul-18 11:24:36

A protest about the lashes should be made through diplomatic channels. Although barbaric it is the law of their country, and I doubt if many in Iran would even hear of any foreign protest.
The protesters about Trump have a whole list of grievances about his behaviour in America, which again is their country. They won't even be seen by the President.
Look how annoyed we are about his comments yesterday about our government.
The American Ambassador to Britain should be summoned to the Home Office to receive a reprimand about his behaviour.
But he won't be, if the oleaginous Alan Duncan's interview this morning on the Today programme is any thing to go by.

gillybob Fri 13-Jul-18 11:32:23

I totally agree with you maddyone ! Trump is the pantomime villain for a lot of people, many of whom probably don’t even know what it is he has/hasn’t done they are just jumping on the protesting bandwagon.

gillybob Fri 13-Jul-18 11:33:30

His Comments about the rise in knife crime in the capital are true though . However much we don’t like him .

Riverwalk Fri 13-Jul-18 12:09:32

Maddy there are protests in Britain about Trump because he happens to be here!

When the Chinese president visited there were many protests. Rest assured if the president of Iran were here there would be very loud protests.