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A remarkable woman - Mary Ellis, Spitfire pilot

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MawBroon Thu 26-Jul-18 13:46:26

What a wonderful role model for girls and young women today.

nigglynellie Thu 26-Jul-18 13:53:03

An amazing lady as they all were. Two of my school friends mothers ferried planes in the war, I was always slightly in awe of them. Such brave dedicated ladies!

harrigran Thu 26-Jul-18 14:14:43

Truly amazing, a very special lady.

Bridgeit Thu 26-Jul-18 14:17:09

I knew an elderly Lady who was a pilot in the war, also her sister ,but she told me they were only allowed to fly supplies etc, not combat.

MawBroon Thu 26-Jul-18 14:24:50

That’s right, they did not fly combat missions, but this could be just as dangerous.
The ATA delivered planes all over the country, flying solo even if the aircraft usually flew with a flight crew.

Alima Thu 26-Jul-18 14:42:49

Amazing woman. A role model for today’s women indeed though I doubt they realise it.

mimiro Thu 26-Jul-18 14:54:09

alima not all is of my gds is a big fan of mary ellis and her contemperarys.
because of them she is testing to go in the naval air training programs.her ggm was a bomb girl too.
rip mary ellis

sodapop Thu 26-Jul-18 15:10:48

I agree Alima what a woman. God bless her.

merlotgran Thu 26-Jul-18 15:13:39

Amazing woman.

RIP Mary Ellis.

M0nica Thu 26-Jul-18 15:23:52

An interview with her some years ago and repeated on the radio this morning said that she flew Wellington bombers single handed to air bases where they would be used and at one base they did not believe her when she said she was the pilot and only accepted that what she said was true when they had instigated a detailed search of the plane and not found anyone hiding on it!!!

Greyduster Thu 26-Jul-18 15:32:16

I am glad you posted this, Maw. I thought about doing it myself this morning when I heard. She was a truly remarkable lady, as were all the ATA women pilots. I saw the interview of her with one of the RAF’s senior female jet aircraft navigators, going through her WWII log books and it was plain to see the respect that that engendered. She said that being alone in the sky in a Spitfire was like being an angel. RIP Mary Ellis.

Deedaa Thu 26-Jul-18 16:33:27

Very sad to hear she has gone. She and her colleagues were wielding girl power before it had ever been thought of! Glad to hear she was out and about right up to the end.

Hm999 Thu 26-Jul-18 17:53:59

We are the perfect generation to have been inspired by Mary, and I had never heard her story until this week. Such a shame.