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Tory party split

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varian Sat 28-Jul-18 18:28:22

Jacob Rees-Mogg: Tory party will split if Theresa May uses Labour votes to deliver soft Brexit

Does anyone think this is likely to happen?

crystaltipps Sat 28-Jul-18 18:35:58

Well if the EU reject the Chequers turd way, which is probable and TMay doesn’t then negotiate a further extension and a Norway style treaty then its going to be a stab in the back from the Smug one. Or maybe that will happen anyway. The bookies are going to make a killing. As is the Smug one. The rest of us will be worse off awaiting the benefits in 50 years time.

varian Sun 29-Jul-18 12:43:19

The Tory split is not Leavers versus Remainers any more, it’s dealers versus no-dealers

varian Mon 30-Jul-18 10:44:48

Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg's firm has invested in a company that has subsequently been blamed for more than 180 deaths in South Africa's worst-ever listeria outbreak.

The hardline Brexiteer owns nearly a fifth of Somerset Capital Management, which manages $8.4billion (£6.4billion) for private investors and City institutions.

Its latest report for investors reveals that SCM owns a £15.7million stake in Tiger Brands, a South African food packaging company that is facing legal claims totalling 425million rand (£24million) after listeria was found at its Polokwane factory in Pretoria.

Is this the sort of thing we should expect if the ultra-brexiters in the Tory Party succeed in creating a "bonfire of the regulations"?