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Brussels sprouts

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Baggs Sat 04-Aug-18 10:22:05

Apprently there's going to be a shortage of them this winter because of a lack of rain where they grow.

Wasn't there a publicised shortage last winter too? I'm asking because I seem to remember some mentions of a shortage. I didn't notice it.

Perhaps I won't notice it this winter either. Sprouts are my favourite vegetable so I think I would notice a drought of them.

MawBroon Sat 04-Aug-18 10:24:10

I love sprouts too so is it nonPC to hope that somebody somewhere will import some?
There must have been some rain north of the border. Are there no Scottish sprouts?

Baggs Sat 04-Aug-18 10:27:10

I don't think I've ever seen sprouts growing in Scotland. But what an interesting thought! I shall investigate!

MaizieD Sat 04-Aug-18 11:47:20

My sister grows them in Scotland. But then, she's English so perhaps it's just a cultural thing...

Chewbacca Sat 04-Aug-18 11:54:24

No sprouts? Thank heavens for that! Bleurgh!

MillieBear Sat 04-Aug-18 14:21:33

Oh dear shock, I normally put mine on to simmer around about August so they're nicely soggy come Christmas grin

lemongrove Sat 04-Aug-18 14:26:06

Some good news at last! grin

Liz46 Sat 04-Aug-18 14:26:36

We have a farm near us and they sell sprout sticks. They are lovely and fresh. Not a plastic bag in sight.

Charleygirl Sat 04-Aug-18 15:43:31

If I never saw a sprout again, cooked or raw it would be too soon.

Baggs Sat 04-Aug-18 15:53:55

I like buying sprouts on the stem too, Liz. They last longer. I mean one doesn't have to cook or eat them all at once. They keep well on the stick.

Baggs Sat 04-Aug-18 15:56:04

To those who don't like sprouts, have you even tried microwaving them until just cooked and then adding some grated cheese and melting that on them. I first tried this with Edam and it was an improvement on the usual over-boiled approach but Comté or Gruyère is aewsomer. ?

Baggs Sat 04-Aug-18 15:56:25

Oh bloody hell! Flipping typos.


PECS Sat 04-Aug-18 22:30:22

I have some cabbages growing. Perhaps I could Bonzai them and keep them small .
Hmm I see and entrepreneurial opportunity. I'd need an allotment and some equipment. I could do a 'go fund me' page ..Bonzai sprout investment to overcome a possible sprout drought.

Nana3 Sat 04-Aug-18 22:35:29

Sprouts need frost don't they?

gillybob Sat 04-Aug-18 22:44:35

OMG a shortage of sprouts ? shock horror ! No way....

I always have at least 2 bags of frozen in the freezer (better than fresh in my opinion) . Me and the DGC love them and we count our “little green pumps” out onto each plate. No one is allowed more than the next person.

Better stock up.

merlotgran Sat 04-Aug-18 22:45:10

People who grow veg like sprouts have made a colossal investment in irrigation. Water tables are kept high and many farms now have their own reservoirs.

I doubt there will be a shortage of sprouts but they may be more expensive.