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Your views are invited on the Government consultation on reform of the Gender Recognition Act.

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Elegran Wed 15-Aug-18 18:53:19

The Government are seeking your views on how best to reform the Gender Recognition Act 2004. This consultation closes at 11pm on 19 October 2018

You can tell them online by filling in the questionnaire at

gillybob Wed 15-Aug-18 23:23:24

Bumping this up before it disappears .

minesaprosecco Wed 15-Aug-18 23:48:53

Please, everyone take part in this consultation. It's long winded, but so worth it.

Elegran Thu 16-Aug-18 08:54:55

It closes at 11pm on 19 October 2018

FarNorth Thu 16-Aug-18 23:47:04

Thanks for putting this up, Elegran.
I hope everyone who has any views about possible reform of the Gender Recognition Act will take part in the consultation.

Fair Play For Women has a guide to completing it, for anyone who feels they need that.

FarNorth Fri 17-Aug-18 17:54:46

Here's a link to Stonewall, an organisation which says "We're here to let all lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, here and abroad, know they're not alone."

It includes their top tips for filling in the consultation.

FarNorth Fri 24-Aug-18 18:53:02

Just thought I'd draw attention to this again.

Whatever your views on changes to the Gender Recognition Act, it's very important to let the government know about them.

annep Sat 25-Aug-18 08:29:46

Doesn't cover Northern Ireland. might have known!

FarNorth Thu 13-Sep-18 19:48:43

Or Scotland shock

Elegran Thu 13-Sep-18 20:42:56

Scotland had its own consultation. It ended in (I think) March.

FarNorth Thu 13-Sep-18 21:16:01

I know.
This one is publicised as being UK, which misled me. It is actually about England & Wales.

Elegran Fri 14-Sep-18 14:18:21

Ah, but the media and those who are publicising the England and Wales consultation believe either
a) that Scotland is not part of the UK, or that
b) Scotland's legislation on this will be done by Westminster so the independent Scottish consultation that has already been carried out is irrelevant and can be ignored.

SueDonim Thu 11-Oct-18 16:23:35

Fair Play for Women has an easy-to-fill-in form to send in on this topic.