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Baby born in Helicopter

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janeainsworth Tue 21-Aug-18 09:03:44

I’ve just listened to Sarah Montague on the Today Programme interviewing Linda Benson, the midwife who delivered a baby boy in a helicopter en route to hospital from the Isles of Scilly.

Sarah’s probing questions managed to elicit several details about the delivery of the baby - ‘she had already had Entonox in the ambulance’ ‘the waters broke’ ‘the baby came out quite easily’ - which made me think that this was an invasion of the mother’s privacy and the midwife shouldn’t have answered them in the way she did.

By all means discuss the difficulty of delivering babies in very confined spaces in a general way, but talking about an individual patient’s clinical experiences seems to me a breach of confidentiality.

ninathenana Tue 21-Aug-18 09:09:55

I agree, unless the mother gave her permission.

Do we need the graffic details anyway ?

janeainsworth Tue 21-Aug-18 09:15:02

Quite nina I was eating my breakfast and suddenly had flashbacks to DD’s slightly traumatic entry into the worldshock

merlotgran Tue 21-Aug-18 09:17:08

I hadn't thought anything about it until you pointed it out jane. I think we've become so used to graphic details of childbirth on the TV it's in one ear and out the other.

I agree, though and I wonder if the mother was asked for permission.