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POGS Thu 23-Aug-18 00:09:24

We have had several threads relating to Venezuela over at least a couple of years and now we know the latest, Modurro wipes 5 noughts off the Venezuelan bolivar .

Inflation is expected to rise to I Million %.

We have spoken of Venezuelans fleeing the country but now the problem is so bad the surrounding countries are showing signs of turning them away.

Those who lauded , refused to accept initially there was a problem with either Hugo Chavez or Nicolas Modurro and their Socialist government have maintained their silence !

Who can remember Corbyn saying of Hugo Chavez he was an ‘inspiration to all of us fighting back against neoliberalism and austerity in Europe and showing us there is a better way of doing things. It’s called socialism, it’s called social justice and it’s something that Venezuela has made a big step towards.’

Really? Tell that to the Venezuelan who is not at the top of of the Socialist ladder who can't afford , food , medicine and suffered for years and they will quickly tell you your living in a fantasy world .

How can you lionize the likes of Modurro and think the Venezuelan Government is a model the UK should follow absolutely eludes me.

MawBroon Thu 23-Aug-18 07:28:35

And now, as if things weren’t bad enough, a force 7.3 earthquake has been reported.

Diana54 Thu 23-Aug-18 08:01:21

Despite all the hardships most Venezuelans will survive but we should all realise what happens when extreme political dogmatism is allowed a free hand.
Probably fairly soon Modurro will be removed and the recovery will begin. Their real problem is lack of overseas investment, they are an oil rich country where nobody will invest, not just in the oil industry but the country as a whole.
Near neighbour Equador had their socialist problems a couple of decades ago, poverty, mass unemployment and a valueless currency. They adopted the US dollar as currency, that gave instant confidence and investment returned a very quick turn around.
Visit Equador today you will see a standard of living close to Southern Europe with fast improving infrastructure and unemployment at 4%. Still a socialist country but one that realizes you cannot live in isolation

Anniebach Thu 23-Aug-18 08:35:00

Corbyn doesn’t agree with you POGS

M0nica Thu 23-Aug-18 08:49:50

It is a dreadful warning isn't it? Venezuela used to be the richest country by far in South America and had reasonably effective if not very savoury governments.

Now it is a basket case.

Anniebach Thu 23-Aug-18 08:56:49

But Corbyn said Chavez has made massive contributions to Venezuela and a very wide word.

paddyann Thu 23-Aug-18 11:03:37

I'm sure we all remember Thatcher and her lauding South American dictators ,Annie it appears that politicians of all colours can be conned by these people .

Anniebach Thu 23-Aug-18 11:13:16

Thatcher didn’t want a communist run country, Corbyn does.

POGS Thu 23-Aug-18 12:40:17

Diana 54

"Probably fairly soon Moduro will be removed and the recovery will begin. Their real problem is lack of overseas investment, they are an oil rich country where nobody will invest, not just in the oil industry but the country as a whole. "

Modurro will only be removed by force . Like most Socialist/Communist countries democracy is not going to happen and his record is appealing on that front. Anybody who gives him an ounce of credit should look further into his leadership .

The Venezuelan government 'nationalized ' its ' natural gas industry ' in 1976 under the presidency of Rafael Caldera and its oil industry under Carlos Andrés Pérez , the PDVSA.

The oil industry had peaks and troughs but it was under the presidency of Hugo Chavez in 1999 the Venezuelan oil industry hit the buffers. Chavez Socialist policies damaged the country, created a lack of investment, corruption was rife and it is commonly known Chavez used the money from PDVSA funds to promote his Socialist programme which was failing then and has suffered even further under Nicolas Moduro and the United Socialist Party . They bankrupted the country!

Sorry but the buck stops with Modurro as Chavez has gone but why the hell these two have been feted by the left I fail to see.

Venezuela needs to kick out Modurro and it's Socialist government but how do they manage that when Modurro rules by an iron fist?

Diana54 Thu 23-Aug-18 13:06:11

Change will likely be by a military take over initially, wether that results in a democracy depends to a large extent on the support of neighbouring countries including the US. The alternative is a civil war, unlikely but not impossible.

Corbyn is a former communist, fact, he would have no chance of election in the UK if the Tories were credible.
Theresa May has 4 years to get some sort of order in her party, will she survive?, probably, because what she wants is a settlement rather than any particular deal. Compared to the rabble that surround her she is head and shoulders above them.

POGS Thu 23-Aug-18 13:39:49


Like most dictatorships , I use that word with an opinion that is exactly where Venezuela finds itself under Modurro and his Socialist government , the chance of a civil war is a hopeless cause.

Why do you think Venezuelans have been fleeing in their thousands for years to neighbouring countries?

As for some sort of military coup more bloodshed will happen and the Venezuelans have certainly had their share of that and repression under the so-called Socialist Modurro.