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Nonnie Thu 31-Jan-19 17:17:42

What an amazing job she does. It must be so hard and she clearly feels strongly about the people she meets. I couldn't even contemplate doing her job.

I do hope the BBC rewards her far better than Laura K.

Jalima1108 Thu 31-Jan-19 17:47:34

Yes, she is amazing, as is Orla Guerin.

Two very brave women, as was Kate Adie also when she was reporting from war zones.

NanKate Thu 31-Jan-19 17:50:46

Yes I wouldn’t begrudge her a penny, but can’t say that about some other BBC staff such as Gary L.

POGS Thu 31-Jan-19 17:52:57

I think Foreign Correspondents Male or Female do an amazing job and put their lives on the line risking imprisonment , wounding or death on occasions. I often think of their families watching their loved ones reporting from dangerous, volatile countries and situations.

Brave people for sure.

silverlining48 Thu 31-Jan-19 17:56:50

Also Marie Colvin who was killed. Think Laura who took over from Robert Peston, is senior as she’s the chief political correspondent so will get higher pay. However they all do a good job.

Nonnie Thu 31-Jan-19 18:02:48

J Bowen used to do pretty much the same, haven't seen him recently.

Don't think Laura K's job is so hard, she doesn't have to look at starving children or go into war zones.

Jalima1108 Thu 31-Jan-19 18:06:55

but can’t say that about some other BBC staff such as Gary L.
every time he comes on DH ask if he's worth the sum he's paid and I respond by saying 'yes, and it's only football'!

J Bowen used to do pretty much the same, haven't seen him recently.
Jeremy Bowen was reporting from Syria not long ago in helmet and flak jacket - isn't he the BBC Middle East editor?

POGS Thu 31-Jan-19 18:07:17


Laura Kuensberg is NOT a Foreign Correspondent!!

Although she has enough hatred and death threats from those from a certain political leaning party that feels she takes shots at their lionised leader poor woman.

Jalima1108 Thu 31-Jan-19 18:07:47

when I say yes to DH about GL's salary - I meant NO, he's not worth what he's paid!!

EllanVannin Thu 31-Jan-19 18:28:05

Those foreign correspondents deserve all the pay that they get. Kate Adie was someone I always admired too along with those who've already been mentioned.

POGS Thu 31-Jan-19 19:00:19

I remember Sky's Alex Crawford airing ' live ' on TV when she was one of the first journalists to go into Tripoli with the anti-Gaddafi forces at the time of the fall of Gaddafi.

I remember thinking there is no way I could have been that brave .

Nonnie Fri 01-Feb-19 10:09:06

POGS yes I know that! Why did you tell me? Did you not understand that I didn't think she had such a hard job?

POGS Fri 01-Feb-19 12:36:34

Nonnie. What did you mean in your OP

" I do hope the BBC rewards her far better than Laura K.'

Why was Laura Kuensberg brought into it?

Nonnie Fri 01-Feb-19 12:44:58

POGs please answer my question with an answer not a question?

POGS Fri 01-Feb-19 12:47:21

As for the wonderful Marie Colvin I know it can only be a signalling excercise and will never happen but the US Courts have found President Assad ' Culpable ' of murdering Marie Colvin in a 300 Million dollar lawsuit.

" Colvin, 56, was killed on February 22, 2012, when the makeshift media centre where she and other journalists were working came under fire in the rebel-held Bab Amr neighbourhood of Homs, Syria.

In this week’s ruling, the court found that Colvin, a long-time reporter for the Sunday Times newspaper, was deliberately targeted. After tracking Colvin through intercepted satellite calls and informants, Syrian senior officials ordered an artillery strike against her location, killing Colvin and French photographer Rémi Ochlik, and wounding French reporter Edith Bouvier, as well as Paul Conroy, the photographer working with Colvin, and Syrian media activist Wael al-Omar.

President Bashar al-Assad initially claimed that his forces had not known who was in the house, however later said the American-born correspondent was responsible for her own death as she had been "working with terrorists."

POGS Fri 01-Feb-19 12:49:28


In your OP I thought you were comparing the role of Kuensberg to that of Ducet.

Comparing apples with pears.

Nonnie Fri 01-Feb-19 13:05:09

POGS If I said that a highly qualified doctor was worth more than a cleaner would you think the same?

You are the one who is comparing jobs, I was talking about worth.

POGS Fri 01-Feb-19 13:58:20


We will have to agree to disagree I think on this point.

Nonnie Fri 01-Feb-19 15:51:30

Looks like it POGS but I still think she is worth 10 times what Laura K is worth grin

POGS Fri 01-Feb-19 16:28:57

So that was your point!

Nonnie Fri 01-Feb-19 16:41:07

Yes, POGS plus saying how much I admire her and the others who do that job.