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United Nations Findings

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PECS Sat 02-Mar-19 12:03:42

The United Nations Independent Commission of Inquiry on the protests in the Occupied Palestinian Territory in 2018 today presented its findings at UN Geneva.

The Commission found "reasonable grounds to believe that individual members of the Israeli Security Forces killed and injured civilians who were neither directly participating in hostilities, nor posing an imminent threat. These serious human rights and humanitarian law violations may constitute war crimes or crimes against humanity."
189 Palestinians were killed during the demonstrations, 35 of whom were children.

Not sure this will make big headlines anywhere sad

Anniebach Sat 02-Mar-19 12:18:09

It was on the news at the beginning of the week.

Joelsnan Sat 02-Mar-19 12:24:24

Yes, it has been on the news and its findings have been obvious for decades.

PECS Sat 02-Mar-19 12:26:37

But not headlines, no real response.