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The problem in a nutshell

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Caledonai14 Sun 10-Mar-19 11:43:46

Many people have asked me why so many Scots want to stay in the EU, rather than have laws returned to Westminster, before being cherrypicked and handed down to the devolved governments ... or not as the mood takes the London powerbase.

You'd think at least one of the thousands of civil servants working on the aftermath of Brexit would be aware that most Scottish degrees are taken over 4 years, compared with three in England.

Caledonai14 Sun 10-Mar-19 11:44:14

Those of us in the hill farming, smaller-scale fishing, food, drink and research fields fear the looming south-centric blundering from which we have been protected by EU-wide savvy and regulations covering poorer and fragile areas of 28 diverse economies.