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Surely, they won't dare go off on their jollies this Summer?!?

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jura2 Wed 29-May-19 20:39:23

- standing on the brink of abyss- surely Parliament and new PM and Cabinet won't dare, will they?

Callistemon Thu 30-May-19 12:40:21

I expect that our MP will spend most of the time in the constituency, holding surgeries and joining in with every local campaign group, thereby getting his photo in the local paper (cue concerned expression) to show how much he is doing for us all!

Daisymae Thu 30-May-19 13:22:28

Oh yes they will! They don't intend to let this mess impact on them in the slightest.

maxdecatt Thu 30-May-19 14:51:27

Of course they will! Every last one is arrogant and treats the voters with utter contempt.

Coconut Thu 30-May-19 15:28:26

They are all self serving so yes, off they will all trot regardless of the mess they have made !

Rosina Thu 30-May-19 15:47:26

Can you imagine MPs deciding to have six weeks holiday a year, and working for 46? No, neither can I. |Of course they will go on holiday until October - this last few years have demonstrated so well that most of them don't care what happens to the country, it has all been personal posturing and party politics. (What a lot of 'Ps'!)

fizzers Thu 30-May-19 15:57:51

oh yes they will

sodapop Thu 30-May-19 16:08:13

That sounds like a plan newatthis I am all for saying they don't do their job and in any other walk of life would have been shown the door.

jura2 Thu 30-May-19 16:29:34

Not saying they should be in the House- but they should be staying and working hard to find a way out of this ruddy mess- and cut holiday short- end of October will come in a massive hurry.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 30-May-19 17:11:34

I expect they will, they have no shame.

Legs55 Thu 30-May-19 19:34:56

EU Summer Recess is 25th July to 21st August, not sure why anybody thinks our MPs & Civil Servants are any less deserving of a break, little will happen during this period. I'm looking forward to a break from all the infighting

rockgran Thu 30-May-19 19:53:58

I've never understood why it seems to be ok to leave the governing of a country on autopilot for the summer. However, this time it might be for the best! Surely it can't do any more harm?

Ginny42 Fri 31-May-19 00:38:58

Who created this 'ruddy mess' in the first place? Not all the MPs. If you suddenly had your vacation cancelled because of something which was not of your doing, nor could you provide a solution to the dilemma, would it be fair to cancel all holidays in your company?

JulieMM Fri 31-May-19 00:52:12

They HAVE to go on holiday ... it will take the entire summer fo the Houses of Parliament and House of Commons to be deep cleaned after all the blood and guts splattered around from the recent back stabbing - not to mention all the bulls**t ingrained there!!

RobtheFox Fri 31-May-19 04:46:56

It is the Summer Recess during which MPs take some holiday but engage in Constituency work and obviously ministers address departmental duties...remember, too, the EU is also in recess so not negotiations can take place. It will almost certainly be the end of this parliamentary session and a State Opening will follow with the new PMs government in place and programme of proposed legislation ready. Civil servants, by the way, do not have a recess, they will have a normal annual leave entitlement but the offices will be staffed at all times and their work continues.

sodapop Fri 31-May-19 08:19:58

Thanks for the clarification Rob. I understand what you are saying about constituency work etc. However I think the perception of a lot of voters is that MPs do not give value for money. Maybe they should think about cutting short their recess in this current crisis and try to pull together. At least they would be seen to be putting the country first.
As I said previously there are many care workers,doctors, nurses etc who give up their off duty to care for sick and vulnerable people.

LizH13 Fri 31-May-19 13:36:55

Ginny42 DC created the mess then washed his hands of it! And many people have had their holidays cancelled through no fault of their own. Our emergency services and armed forces have often been put in this position as have others throughout time who put their company/work before self.

jura2 Wed 24-Jul-19 17:09:06

the situation is even worse now - and they will be off tomorrow. How can that be ???

EllanVannin Wed 24-Jul-19 19:10:54

Even the Queen can toddle off now that she's met the new PM.

jura2 Wed 24-Jul-19 19:47:44

it is NOT the Queen's job to sort out this mess, is it?

lemongrove Wed 24-Jul-19 21:11:02

Actually jura I agree with you that the key players must keep noses to the grindstone throughout this Summer.
True, the EU will all be away, and HOC chamber closed, but much planning needs to take place.Of course, for all we know, it will be.
Cabinet Ministers will have to get to grips with their new depts as well.

GrandmaKT Wed 24-Jul-19 21:37:20

In his speech today, Boris said his government would be "working flat out" to fulfil his promises. Would that be after the summer break?

LullyDully Thu 25-Jul-19 08:24:31

The clock is ticking they can't possibly take the time off. Perhaps a quick trip to Margate for a paddle will be all they can squeeze in. We should trust them......... who else do we have? We can't stay in at this late date much as I would prefer to.
Just get on with it that's what they are paid for. Forget the summer and remember the country.

Nico97 Thu 25-Jul-19 08:38:11

Doubt that they won't all be in constant communication throughout the summer, I would imagine they all possess the latest state of the art phones/iPads etc so even whilst on holiday they'll still be working. I hope......?

MaizieD Thu 25-Jul-19 08:51:38

The recess offers a huge advantage to Johson and his cabinet of spivs. They don't have to do anything. 'No deal' can get closer and closer with diminished chance of avoiding it.

Nor does 'the government' have to do anything about implementing the strangely generous public spending programme outlined by no. 1 spiv yesterday; by the time they get round to that we'll be out without a deal, the economy will be crashing and 'they' will say we can't afford it.

Grandad1943 Thu 25-Jul-19 09:03:35

They may as well go off for their jollies as all the central EU bodies such as the European Parliament and Commission are to adjourn at the end of this week for their summer break.

So, there will be no one to make any real decisions until mid-September, and the Council of Ministers are not now due to meet again until the seventeenth of October, I believe.

The above is why so many EU leaders told the British government "not to waste the time" when they granted the extension of article fifty at the end of March.

Instead of heeding that advise the Tory party decided to engage in a leadership battle that has totally wasted almost all the extra period of time granted to us.

What an absolute joke this Tory government is.