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Dinahmo Sun 07-Jul-19 12:53:57

Plaid Cymru and the Greens have agreed not to field a candidate for the Brecon and Radnor byelection in order to "make the LibDem candidate the unambiguous Remain candidate"

Do we think this is a good idea?

By the way, the ousted Tory MP has been re-selected by the local party, despite more than 10,000 people signing a petition for his de-selection because of faking expense claims.

eazybee Sun 07-Jul-19 13:32:18

But I do not approve of the ousted Tory candidate standing again.

varian Tue 09-Jul-19 08:53:15

Until we replace the undemocratic FPTP system with Proportional Representation many people will vote tactically against the candidate they dislike the most rather than voting positively for the one they like best.

GracesGranMK3 Tue 09-Jul-19 08:58:08

Just about to write a reply and then read yours varian. I agree with all you say. I also think future fracturing of the parties will necessitate this until PR is in place.

Luckygirl Tue 09-Jul-19 09:21:29

I am pleased that these two parties have seen sense, as a way of trying to get round our undemocratic voting system.

I wish they would do it round here and give us a chance to get rid of the sitting Tory.

As to that Tory constituency party fielding a dishonest candidate.........words fail me.