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Petition to revoke gagging order relation to Brexit.

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Cindersdad Thu 15-Aug-19 21:24:38

Sky News have revealed that the government have imposed several hundred gagging orders on various organisations. These gagging orders prevent them from telling the public about the impact of Brexit. This restriction is not in the public or national interest. People are entitled to know.

Just check it out and sign if you agree. I was not aware of any gagging orders but with this lot nothing would surprise me.

Callistemon Thu 15-Aug-19 22:50:53

This is old news; I'm quite surprised you're not aware of it Cindersdad but perhaps others may not be either.

here and

I could link to many more reports too.

MaizieD Thu 15-Aug-19 23:22:10

Second link isn't working, Callistomen.

Gagging orders are the least of it.

I suspect that the Civil Contingencies Act could be a glint in D Cumming's eye...

And I'm certain he's working out how to circumvent Parliament...