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yggdrasil Mon 09-Dec-19 08:30:41

So Johnson and Farage refuse to turn up for debates, or individual interviews.
And our local Tory candidate has refused to join in on the local BBC radio this morning. The others did.
Are all the tories running scared of hard questions now?

ayse Mon 09-Dec-19 08:33:06

Bunch of cowards! It reminds me of TV programmes where the villain says “no comment”.

LullyDully Mon 09-Dec-19 08:39:59

My too short to watch any more. I am fed up with shouting, rude media journalists. This is not to best way to get people to talk frankly imo. ( plus I have already voted by post. )Wednesdays

ayse Mon 09-Dec-19 08:42:38

Having said that, I’ve given up watching and listening as it’s just too much c**p.

jura2 Mon 09-Dec-19 09:39:19

Andrew Neil should 'empty chair' Johnson before tomorrow. Ask the empty chair all his questions, turn camera to empty chair and wait in silence for 30 seconds- and go on.

Only fair on the other candidates.

Grannybags Mon 09-Dec-19 09:39:44

I've given up watching. Fed up with presenters asking questions and then shouting over the answers

Grannybags Mon 09-Dec-19 09:41:22

Who would bother to watch an "empty chair" programme though?

Eloethan Mon 09-Dec-19 16:43:54

I think "empty chairing" is the perfect opportunity for questions to be posed that will make the audience think very seriously about why the absentee interviewee wanted to make himself scarce. Of course, the strategy - the equivalent of the invariable "no comment" option of the career criminal - has been dreamed up by the Conservative campaign team but I'm hoping it will, at least to some extent, backfire.

Personally, I'm fed up with hearing Boris Johnson talking over interviewers and avoiding difficult questions by continually spouting "oven ready" "get Brexit done" "unleash Britain's potential", etc, etc, even when Brexit has no bearing on the question being asked.

jura2 Mon 09-Dec-19 16:50:04

Grannybags- the only reason interviewers have to stop and repeat questions- even if the interviewee is talking- is because people like Boris are trained to never answer the question, and instead go off on one with prepared memes and attacks on opponents- to waste time and NOT answer the question

It is good to see that interviewers are now wise to that, and don't let them get away with it. If the person answers the question- they will not be interrupted- unless they start spouting lies and deflect to their pre-prepared and rehearsed nonsense.

Anniebach Mon 09-Dec-19 17:01:09

An empty chair could have been used in the referendum campaign when the party leaders joined together to debate,
With the exception of Corbyn - he went on holiday!

varian Tue 10-Dec-19 08:32:41

Yesterday's tv debate had an audience of under thirties. The "audience selector' must have had to work overtime to pack the audience with so many young leavers. We all know younger people are far more in favour of remaining but not that lot. Brexit Broadcastic Corporation at it again.

Jane10 Tue 10-Dec-19 09:30:03

I can't bear to watch these programmes just as I hate to listen to other people arguing in public. No point in watching them. I prefer to read manifestos and consider our local situation.