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ayse Mon 09-Dec-19 17:52:38

Boris has said today that if he is elected he will consider getting rid of the TV licence fee. Would this also mean the end of freeview? I may not like some of the current political comment but I still want a public broadcaster. I choose to watch mainly the BBC as I loathe the adverts. Additionally, I can’t afford to watch pay TV.

How else could a public service (note the word service) be maintained?

Ilovecheese Mon 09-Dec-19 17:56:04

Do you think Boris Johnson cares about any public service, I don't.

MaizieD Mon 09-Dec-19 17:59:15

There's no reason why the BBC shouldn't be publicly funded, the TV licence is more of a tax than anything else, really. If we really wanted an advert free public broadcaster the money could be found.

But under the tories, it wouldn't be funded. This has to be a threat to get rid of the BBC and associated services. Tories don't like anything state funded.

N.B. The TV licence is a licence to receive live TV, from any source. It's a misconception that it applies to receiving the BBC only.

ayse Mon 09-Dec-19 18:00:29

No, I don’t think he gives a flying ..... about anyone other than his rich friends. The rest of us are collateral damage and don’t matter. I hope that one day this attitude comes back to bite him on the bottom!??

ayse Mon 09-Dec-19 18:06:06

Yes Maisie, I agree but huge numbers of people watch on their devices and don’t pay a penny.

I know! It’s a brainwave! How about all new screen technology to be taxed at time of purchase? That way everyone who is able to run multiple devices and keep up with new technology by buying new could contribute to public broadcasting and maybe even a green tax. I don’t generally agree with regressive taxation so perhaps those with less than median income could be exempt.

MaizieD Mon 09-Dec-19 18:15:15

Well, technically, if they are watching live TV on their devices they should have a licence. But it's impossible to police, isn't it.

I like your idea, but how people would moan about it grin

varian Mon 09-Dec-19 18:15:59

Perhaps the BBC should be funded from general taxation and from their commercial activities - selling programmes abroad and perhaps charging those in other countries for access to i-player.

I think we also need to re-examine the political impartiality requirement as the Brexit Broadcastoing Corporation has been anything but impartial in recent years and this drift to supporting a rightwing/ brexit agenda should be checked.

Jaycee5 Mon 09-Dec-19 18:21:51

varian I agree. I don't want to be forced to pay for the BBC. I think that freeview should be paid for out of general taxation but the BBC is efficient in making money from its commercial arm and I can't see any reason why it should not be commercial. It is not impartial anyway but it is a problem that there are still people who believe that it is. If jobs were not in the gift of the government, it would be more impartial than it is now.