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Would Labour be better off splitting into two parties: Labour Central and Labour Far Left?

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newnanny Mon 16-Dec-19 16:18:08

There seems to be a mighty war about to erupt within Labour party for the heart and soul of the party. I just wonder if they would be better off splitting into two parties Labour Central and Labour Far Left. There views are so polarised it will be hard to contain within one party and who will emerge as leader? My view is that if a Left person such as RLB or Angela Raynor is elected then Labour will remain un-electable for many moderates.

Urmstongran Mon 16-Dec-19 16:27:48

Probably a good idea but then the Labour vote would be split into 2 smaller parties thereby not in a position to do well in our FPTP system, so it won’t happen.

They’ll have to fight it out amongst themselves.

As John McDonnell is promoting Rebecca Long Bailey then they will lose the next election.

The LP needs to think hard about what will be popular to the VOTING PUBLIC!

Anniebach Mon 16-Dec-19 16:46:43

If Rebecca Long Bailey is elected leader nothing will change,
Corbyn,MacDonald and co will still be in control.

A centre left party wouldn’t get finacial suppport from the Unions who will continue to support the far left .

jura2 Mon 16-Dec-19 17:09:13

Can't work with First Past the Post. And if the Labour Party splits, for sure so should be Conservative Party. In any other country with some form of proportional system both the right and the left, and even the centre- are represented by several parties.

Ilovecheese Mon 16-Dec-19 17:10:27

Who is Macdonald?

mumofmadboys Mon 16-Dec-19 17:17:40

McDonnell I assume

BlueBelle Mon 16-Dec-19 17:24:08

Well I think theTories need to do the same as there are many ordinary Tories and many Far right Tories my friend who has stood in the past as a Tory councillor calls himself a Tory with a social conscience (a left Tory)

Anniebach Mon 16-Dec-19 17:34:14

Bluebell the Labour Party isn’t just divided , it’s at war.

M0nica Mon 16-Dec-19 17:39:22

Classic Labour Socialist behaviour, arguing about how many angels can dance on the top of a pin.

Far left socialists have always been fissiparous, no matter where they are, constantly arguing and splitting over trivial little issues.

NotTooOld Mon 16-Dec-19 17:46:52

Lisa Nandy seems to be the current favourite for leader. I think it's about time they had a woman as leader but I've seen Nandy on Question Time and she seems completely humourless. They need someone who can give as good as they get at PMQ, too. Sorry - that is slightly off-thread.
I agree with others that splitting the Labour Party would keep them out of power for years. Is there a potential leader that could unite them?

Grandad1943 Mon 16-Dec-19 18:40:44

I would have to agree that the divisions within the Parliamentary Labour Party between those supporting a left wing stance and policies and others supporting the right are now unbridgeable. Corbyn has been elected twice as leader with the largest majorities ever obtained by any person in a Labour leadership election.

However, the undermining of him from right wing groups within the Parliamentary Party has never ceased and even grew to new heights during the recent general election campaign. Therefore and sadly, I along with many others I believe feel that this situation has to be brought to an end as the two factions within the Parliamentary Labour Party and its constituency parties can never now be reconciled.

The financing of the Parliamentary Labour Party is carried out by the Broader Labour movement in the country by way of affiliation subscriptions paid to the Parliamentary Party by Britains six and half million trade union members. In that things seem to be moving rapidly as it would seem that many of those union members branch officers have been coming under large-scale pressure from members within their organisations for the trade unions to end their close support of the Parliamentary party and its constituency parties.

I am a longstanding member of the Unite Union in which I retain membership as gratitude for all that organisation did for my education both basic and specialized in many years past. In that, I have today received an email from my Branch Secretary advising that an extraordinary Branch meeting will be held this coming Thursday evening (19/12/19) to discuss and draw up a Branch and trade sector position in regard to the continued Unite Union support of the Parliamentary Labour Party.

I can only believe that those branch officers have received a large amount of communication from members (probably in the main activists) over the weekend voicing strong views over the situation in the Labour Party. Whatever the outcome of that branch meeting it will be put forward in the form of a resolution to an extraordinary meeting of the Unite South West Reginal Committee to be held in the first full week of January.

I do not normally take any great interest in what takes place in the very large road transport branch I am a member of other than reading the very regular branch newsletters. However, I may attend this special meeting on Thursday evening or if I am tied up in the office till late join online.

Many other Branches in all unions I feel must be carrying out similar to the branch I am a member of. In that, if a motion or resolution is placed before the meeting demanding that the Unite Union withdraws its support of the parliamentary Labour Party, I will be supporting that motion or resolution.

notanan2 Mon 16-Dec-19 18:50:30

The hard left socialist labour voters seriously overestimate themselves thankd to the echo chambers they creatr for themselves.

I think a centrist labour party COULD do well with FPTP.

I think most of the country is centrist. And will swing left or right depending on who is closest to centre.

Labour does not NEED the hard socialist vote to win.

varian Mon 16-Dec-19 19:07:54

The centre-left faction in the LP have never pressed for electoral reform, so they have no credibility with social democrats and liberals.

Grandad1943 Mon 16-Dec-19 19:41:41

The centre right faction in the Parliamentary Labour party has absolutely no credibility with any other section of the Labour movement due to their behaviour and attitude in recent times.

Should the Trades Unions withdrawal the close support it has given the Parliamentary Labour Party for well over one hundred years those individuals of the Labour centre right could then join the LibDems and once again all go down the pan together whenever the next election is held.

Seems to be the pattern for any waif and stray MP who falls out with their party to join the LibDems before being consigned forever to political oblivion.