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Is the EU Tax Directive the main reason for Brexit- and will the people who voted Tory in Labour heartland benefit

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jura2 Thu 19-Dec-19 10:34:11

I'd say YES and NO

trisher Thu 19-Dec-19 10:47:38

Yes and No from me too. My very good MP has been trying since Before Boris to find out just how much money the NE will get when the EU money goes, she's never had an answer.

jura2 Thu 19-Dec-19 15:05:22

Are people not aware, or not interested, I wonder?

ayse Thu 19-Dec-19 15:12:54

I’m interested but doubt that any money for the NE will make up for the possible loss of Nissan in an already depressed part of the country.

I suspect that our current government as individuals will profit highly whilst those most in need will be in a declining situation.

It’s the freedom of the right, IMO, to do anything they wish.

Insisting on photo ID in theory, to vote may be a good thing but I believe it is a ploy to disenfranchise poorer sections
of society.

Am I too suspicious?

GrannyGravy13 Thu 19-Dec-19 15:15:55

This from

ayse Thu 19-Dec-19 15:28:10

Whether there is an EU directive or not, my comment still holds for me as it is my opinion. I would like to be proved wrong but I’m holding a watching brief.

MerylStreep Thu 19-Dec-19 19:40:45

Now there's a problem for some ?posters as they hold up Full Facts as the font of all truth. Thank you for posting. Although it might not be what some ? want to see.

Dinahmo Thu 19-Dec-19 19:50:27

The EU Council adopted an anti tax avoidance package in May 2017 with the implementation date being 01/01/2020. EU member states are required to implement this in their national law by that date.

The above was taken from the Council's website.

Hence the rush to leave the EU.

Dinahmo Thu 19-Dec-19 19:53:05

Under money laundering rules offshore banks are required to check on the source of deposits. I suspect that it doesn't always happen though.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 19-Dec-19 19:57:18

MerylStreep tchgrin

GrannyGravy13 Thu 19-Dec-19 19:58:18

Money laundering, tax avoidance and tax evasion are three totally different things.

trisher Fri 20-Dec-19 19:17:29

But always the actions of rich people, not something the poor are involved in.

maddyone Fri 20-Dec-19 19:24:57

Thank you GrannyGravy, the truth at last.