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Breathing machines - when needs must!

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giulia Wed 18-Mar-20 16:16:18

A small company in Italy of 35 workers normally makes around 150 machines per month.

25 military have been brought in to help them triple these quantities.

Couldn't something similar be done in UK?

POGS Wed 18-Mar-20 16:22:10


Are you talking about Nebulizers or ventilators?

giulia Wed 18-Mar-20 16:30:04


POGS Wed 18-Mar-20 16:34:45

Thank you for answering.

The UK government are asking for help from leading manufacturers to build at least 20 thousand more ventilators but there is reference to problems in the supply for getting some of the parts required.

Has that been mentioned in Italy or do they manufacture all the parts required in Italy?

It certainly is all hands to the grind isn't it.

Davidhs Wed 18-Mar-20 17:49:56

We can make the metal parts it’s the electronics that are restricted most of them are made in China even if they have the parts they are keeping them for themselves.

It’s the cost of globalization, relying on others for essential supplies, we have no home industries in so many areas.

giulia Thu 19-Mar-20 10:35:06

POGS Yours Wed 16:34. Have not heard mention of the parts being difficult to obtain - will keep an ears open.

The military are also being used to rapidly build new intensive care units (72 hrs for Bergamo. Should be ready today. Military doctors and medical staff helping to relieve the exhausted staff in Lombardy hospitals too.

giulia Thu 19-Mar-20 10:36:59

POGS Of course, with the ventilators the problem will then be finding enough qualified personnel to man them.

B9exchange Thu 19-Mar-20 10:40:28

Someone compared it to sending hundreds of food processors to a drought in Africa, you need all the staff with extra training, to make use of them.

Davidhs Thu 19-Mar-20 10:47:28

All electrical products have electronic circuit boards these days
Washing machines, tumble driers even many toys, most of theses are made in China or at least the Far East. So are all the components, transistors, diodes, resistors and all the other parts, all the manufacturers will increase production if they can, if one part is missing it cant be done.
With all countries wanting more at the same time don’t expect a big change in availability.

giulia Thu 19-Mar-20 10:54:15

All I know is that this Italian company is aiming to make around 750 per month with military assistance - a drop in the ocean but still.

POGS Thu 19-Mar-20 11:09:58


I sincerely hope that does happen.

All I can say to you is I am sure many Gransnet posters, the population of the UK are thinking of you all with much love and feel helpless to assist given we have our own obvious problems of the same nature.

Per favore prenditi cura di te stesso (hope that's correct)

giulia Thu 19-Mar-20 11:54:09

POGS Thanks and ....Brava!

Tooting29 Wed 25-Mar-20 18:37:29

I think there has been a good response to this from engineers such as Dyson and Gtech.

JenniferEccles Thu 26-Mar-20 09:57:17

giulia I have heard that the increase in the number of new cases of the virus in Italy is decreasing.

Is that still happening? Is it thought that you have reached the peak? If so, what a relief for you all there, and encouraging for other countries too of course.

M0nica Thu 26-Mar-20 20:40:27

DH has sleep apnea and wears a breathing device at night. He has just had an email from our local hospital, sent to all sleep clinic patients, asking if they had any spare breathing equipment, either because they had more than one set or didn't use it and if so could they let the hospital know so that the equipment could be collected and renovated and checked for possible reuse during the CV pandemic.

These machines are at the most basic end of the breathing apparatus range, and reading this appeal, ones heart sinks at the thought of the pressure they think they may be under to need to send out appeal to have even these most basic of machines available for use.

Unfortunately DH has only the one machine and uses it every night and can not risk not having it available.