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Greymar Mon 23-Mar-20 18:23:28

Boris Johnson will address the nation at 8.30pm and announce a new, stricter lockdown policy for the UK, the Telegraph understands.

Just incase you were unaware, thanks

Anniebach Mon 23-Mar-20 18:25:51

Thank you

Bridgeit Mon 23-Mar-20 18:29:15

Thank you

Niobe Mon 23-Mar-20 18:32:38

London was supposed to go into lockdown last Thursday but he chickened out then.
Better late than never I suppose but I think that when all this is over he will have many questions to answer.

Sparklefizz Mon 23-Mar-20 18:39:27

but he chickened out then.

I don't think you can level that criticism. Many people will complain if they are on total lockdown and it seems he was hoping the general populace would be sensible and listen to advice.

Clearly he thought the best of us and a proportion of the public let him down. It is a very wide-ranging measure to introduce and could not be done lightly. Unfortunately there have been enough total selfish and ignorant idiots and morons to warrant it being brought in now.

The sooner we go into lockdown the sooner - I sincerely hope - we can get through this.