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Instacart workers planning a strike Monday

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rosecarmel Sat 28-Mar-20 03:44:00

"The March 30 walkout will build on a wave of wildcat strikes sweeping across the country. In recent days, Amazon warehouse workers in Queens, New York, sanitation workers in Pittsburgh, and poultry plant workers at Perdue Farms in Georgia have all walked off the job, demanding greater protections from coronavirus, and leading to calls for a “general strike,” or mass strike action across the country. Meanwhile, the upcoming Instacart strike will mark the first time gig workers in the United States—who face the double bind of working on the front lines of virus and lacking basic labor protections like healthcare and paid sick days—have walked off the job in response to coronavirus."

And if the truckers strike?

PamelaJ1 Sat 28-Mar-20 03:50:00

You will be in a mess Rose.

Thank goodness we live in a country that has put some help in place for the people who have lost their employment for the foreseeable future. I don’t know if there is any provision for ‘casual’ staff in the U.K. who might slip under the radar but I hope so.
Good luck.

vampirequeen Sat 28-Mar-20 03:54:11

People are afraid. They're getting mixed messages from Trump and little support from their employers. They're doing the only thing they can by withdrawing their labour.