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PMQ's and the banks

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varian Wed 22-Apr-20 16:54:54

Watching PMQs today, where Dominic Raab was responding on behalf of the PM, I was shocked to hear what Peter Bone MP had to say about the banks. He is a right wing Tory who I would normally disagree with on most issues but today I wholeheartedly agreed with him when he asked what was going on with the banks.

He said that many people at this time were having to depend on overdrafts and the banks were charging 20% pa. As if this was not bad enough he said they were planning to raise this rate to 40% in July, Depositors, meanwhile are being paltry 0.1%!!!!

He pointed out that these banks were bailed out by the taxpayer to the tune of £billions at the time of the financial crisis of 2008 and asked "what on earth is going on?"

Peter Bone's question is after about 22mins into the session. As you will see he did not get anything approaching a satisfactory answer from Raab.

Fennel Wed 22-Apr-20 17:31:13

We got an email from Lloyds to say they were trying to help with overdrafts, hope the link works: