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'Woman' sex offender

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FarNorth Sun 17-May-20 23:41:03

"Leah Harvey, formerly Joshua Harvey, 25, who is in HM Parc Prison in Bridgend, admitted two breaches of a sexual harm prevention order."

The above paragraph is quite far down in a newspaper report which otherwise refers to this person as 'she' and 'woman'.

It is very likely that this person's crimes have been recorded as committed by a woman, strengthening the case of those who like to claim, falsely, that women are almost as likely to commit sex offences as men are.

(Fortunately, Parc Prison is a men's prison.)

I think it is absolutely wrong that men can claim to be women and be accepted as such, in connection with crimes.

FarNorth Sun 17-May-20 23:41:45