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Do you see a glimmer of hope as we begin to emerge from all this ?

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Daffonanna Sat 27-Jun-20 09:59:36

I listened to the dignified interview with Martin Bashir by a grieving mother of two murdered daughters. Her quiet calm assessment of the behaviour of a few police officers was shattering and my heart goes out to her and her family .
Just when there was a glimmer of hope that we would begin to emerge from the ashes of this crisis , we see that a minority of evil individuals are determined to undermine this . The routine selfishness and entitled behaviour of those who see our most beautiful places as somewhere to simaltaneously enjoy and destroy makes me feel sad about the world we are leaving for our grandchildren . Do you believe that the glimmers of light we have seen throughout can somehow overcome this darkness .

Smileless2012 Sat 27-Jun-20 10:10:17

I'd like to think so Daffonanna but I just don't think the glimmers of light we've seen will be enough.

Too many people it seems only think of themselves. 1000's crowding on to some of our beaches, not social distancing and leaving all of their rubbish behind just illustrates how many don't care about others or their environment.

1000's gathering on the streets of Liverpool 2 nights running to celebrate their football team's victory.

I too listened to that interview and couldn't believe what I was hearing. Her daughters were murdered and their remains were treated by a few police officers with disdain.

I hope that there's some provision within the law that will see them prosecuted.

EllanVannin Sat 27-Jun-20 11:16:23

It is a selfish society---every man for himself attitude and it's also a bad age we're living through with a generation who've known no discipline/stability in their lives which is why we have so many mental health issues and feral youths.

It's a society, changing world ,where you have parents joining in with their offspring's entertainment/ recreation which is never right in my mind when it involves alcohol and drugs too. Nobody knows how to behave themselves---because it's so " uncool " to be respectful and well-mannered.

Because people do exactly what they like, regardless, I can only see a worsening of the state that is this " new-age " society with " it's a free country " on every corner.

The way those police behaved during their duty was appalling and I've heard it happen before in the past. They're no better than criminals themselves and only for that poor woman's strong faith in Christianity anyone else would have been in a far different state of mind. What a lovely person she is.

Niobe Sat 27-Jun-20 11:28:40

Wish we had a “like” button Ellan Vannin. I have to agree with your post and couldn’t have put it better.

MayBee70 Sat 27-Jun-20 11:35:24

We’re not emerging from anything. Very few people have had the virus thus far. The pandemic is still in it’s infancy I’m afraid. All we have done so far is find better ways of treating it.

Callistemon Sat 27-Jun-20 11:39:09

Daffanona I saw the mother, Archdeacon Mina Smallman, too and was amazed and impressed by her dignity and determination.

I was also very angry that police officers in this country could behave so disgracefully. I know there are some rogues in the police force but these two should be imprisoned.

I hope her faith will being her peace.

Callistemon Sat 27-Jun-20 11:41:12

I think it's a pity to use this tragic event to highlight the bad behaviour of other people, but I do see the contrast you're trying to make, OP.

maddyone Sat 27-Jun-20 11:49:04

The police should be looking for the evil individual who murdered these two girls. Posing with bodies is utterly disgusting.

Squiffy Sat 27-Jun-20 12:38:53

When I first heard it on the news I thought I’d misunderstood what had happened. It’s sickening to think of anyone taking selfies with anyone’s body. What is happening to this country?

The girls’ mother was so dignified, it almost amplified the truly despicable behaviour of those police officers.

janeainsworth Sat 27-Jun-20 13:18:35

ellanvannin it’s also a bad age we're living through with a generation who've known no discipline/stability in their lives which is why we have so many mental health issues and feral youths
And which generation brought these ‘feral’ youths with mental health issues up?
Who educated them?
Whose safety net have they fallen through?
Who failed to support them?

MaizieD Sat 27-Jun-20 13:37:32

My thoughts, too, janeainsworth.👏

Hickman36 Sat 27-Jun-20 13:51:37

I think with 50% of people just doing what they want breaking rules such as no social distance, in and out of peoples houses, babysitting when not allowed as not everyone is allowed to do this I dont feel there is much hope that things are getting better. I feel people are just thinking of themselves but bet they will clap for nhs and carers then go back to spreading the virus

varian Sat 27-Jun-20 18:23:12

I think there is a glimmer of hope for the economy by getting folk back to work but I think that old folk like us who are retired must do our bit by keeping safe, staying at home as much as possible and taking no risks, because if we take risks and get infected, not only could we infect others but we could end up putting huge pressure on the NHS.