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Lack of toilets and public health.

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Newatthis Mon 29-Jun-20 13:01:47

Yuk! I didn't know that this is happening. It is a problem especially for people who need to go regularly.

Dorsetcupcake61 Mon 29-Jun-20 11:33:50

Balmoral have issued guidelines on how visitors to the grounds should dispose of waste if caught short! Local parks and beaches seem to have experienced issues,some major,with litter and human waste. Public toilets have been reduced for many years with cafes etc providing this service. I know people get caught short but this seems to go way beyond that. What is wrong with people? The argument for public toilets being shut appears to be the risk of Coronavirus. Surely people just relieving themselves and leaving behind used wipes etc is as big a risk to public health?