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Jackson Carlaw's resignation

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paddyanne Fri 31-Jul-20 11:41:27

The word is he was pushed and Douglas Ross will take over....if he can find time with his refereeing Scottish (unionist ) parties are a joke,why cant people see that voting for a party based in another country isn't likely to get you people who want to work for YOU in Scotland .Want Tories in Scotland? Vote for Independence and get tories that will work for you and not against you .Carlaw was a joke from start to finish ,peddled the WM policies and the WM way and we know to our regret that sticking WITh the WM way in the beginning of the pandemic is what made our care home deaths higher than they should have been.Once we went our own way we've done much better.No deaths for 2 weeks and infection very low .9 DEATHS in July as opposed to 2000 down soutth and thats the ones they admit to!!

Granny23 Fri 31-Jul-20 10:29:10

Did he fall or was he pushed? Who is the 'younger person' who will step into his shoes? Was it planned to happen today or a result of the complete a^^e he made of himself at FMQs?