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Daisymae Mon 17-Aug-20 10:58:11

If you are concerned about the current exam results situation you can easily contact your MP. Just Google 'write to them' and you can find your MPs contact details and email directly. You can obviously contact them about any other concerns too!

Daisymae Mon 17-Aug-20 16:00:38

Well I have had a response from my MP, first time he has actually agreed with my POV -
'It is clear to me, having read and reflected over the weekend, that the algorithm used by the Department for Education to assign grades to A level pupils has serious flaws, and in some cases has awarded results that are clearly unjust: representing large departures from a student’s predicted grades, past performance and mock exam results. It also disproportionately impacts state schools: setting back social mobility and furthering educational inequality. I agree the assessment of former Education Secretary Lord Baker, who set up the GCSE system, that these downgrades are “unfair and barely explicable.” The government must act to fix this, and it must do so as soon as possible. '
He is influential in the party. So let's see.

AGAA4 Mon 17-Aug-20 16:38:52

The government have now done a U turn and marks will be awarded on teacher assessment.
It has been an absolute shambles. Gavin Williamson has apologised for distress caused.