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Test n Trace - Where’s Dido?

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vegansrock Tue 06-Oct-20 07:09:11

When Dido Harding was head of Talk Talk there was a huge lost data debacle. Now 16,000 positive test results have been “lost “ because of an excel spreadsheet. How many billions has this company been given? Where’s Dido? what happened with the “buck stop here” and people resigned when their companies are failing? Also isn’t she now head of whatever used to be Public Health England?

kittylester Tue 06-Oct-20 07:26:18

She wont have noticed! vegansrock

Dorsetcupcake61 Tue 06-Oct-20 07:26:38

Probably counting her money and checking where her passport is. I see Sunak has dropped the nice guy persona and saying hard decisions are going to have to be made to pay back the billions spent due to the pandemic. Back to normal then strip services to the bone and give millions to your mates. Dont fear the virus, from his privileged position I sincerely doubt he has to fear anything.
No doubt social care reform will involve those who have or about to lose jobs being made to work for benefits in care. Be brilliant, wouldnt even have to pay them minimum wage?

Riverwalk Tue 06-Oct-20 07:44:24

It's a national embarrassment that they're using an Excel spreadsheet as a database.

vegansrock Tue 06-Oct-20 07:51:51

Wasn’t it supposed to be world beating?

suziewoozie Tue 06-Oct-20 07:53:55

From Wiki

In August 2020 it emerged that Harding was to become the inaugural chair of the National Institute for Health Protection, a new body that will be formed as a result of the merging of Public Health England and NHS Test and Trace. The appointment was criticised by health experts as she did not have a background in health, and because of her political position. The Guardian quoted allies of hers who, in response, said that she had quickly learned after being appointed chair of NHS Improvement in 2017 and that she had a record of "getting things done" while working in business

If I posted what I really think of her, I’d be deleted.

suziewoozie Tue 06-Oct-20 07:57:37

Sunak made me ?yesterday talking about Johnson as though he were Mr Humanity incarnate. Obviously Dom has been round with his henchmen to slap the dishy one down.

Urmstongran Tue 06-Oct-20 08:47:54

Dido Harding is an embarrassment. She ought to resign.
But she won’t.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 06-Oct-20 08:55:58

Spreadsheet Dido is according to Michael Rosen in deep dodo??

Urmstongran Tue 06-Oct-20 09:04:12

Himself has just said she’s the female version of Failing Grayling.

Grannynannywanny Tue 06-Oct-20 09:10:16

Test n Trace - Where’s Dido?
She’s been put to the test and now she can’t be traced

westendgirl Tue 06-Oct-20 09:10:56

Dido Harding must go . It's time this government removed people from post when they prove inadequate.

Says a lot about the government.

Froglady Tue 06-Oct-20 09:16:54


Wasn’t it supposed to be world beating?

I suppose you could look at it in another way, that it's 'world beating' in how awful it is. I just despair of how things have gone and are going.

Grany Tue 06-Oct-20 09:19:14

From We Own It

With no word on whether secretive, shoddy contracts for track and trace are set to be renewed, and the news today that nearly 16,000 cases were lost from the testing system, it's obvious that test and trace is a MESS!

We won't take this. We've not shared this since we first launched it, but now we think it's time to make this go big, with your help.

You can also share this link for the petition with friends and family.

After your actions over the weekend, we've had no response. We don't know if they'll be giving Serco and Sitel more money to fail at contact tracing in two-weeks when their contracts are renewed.

As if it wasn't enough that they're likely giving these companies millions after consistently failing, we've now found out that 16,000 people's tests were LOST delaying contact tracing even further.

And some experts think it's potentially because private labs don't have up-to-date systems for sharing data.

We've seen that this government only takes action when it knows an issue isn't going away.

Today, this issue is on the front pages and all over the news. Let's show that we're not going to accept this mess.

You sharing the petition will help show that public pressure is building.

It's only England that has gone for this privatised track and trace system which consistently fails to match public health teams.

However, the privatisation of the testing system is a mess that affects all of us, and will for months to come, unless we keep fighting for a publicly run, safe system.

Thank you so much for taking action today. By sharing the petition for safe test and trace run in public hands, we're showing that we won't take this.


With you on board, we can win public services run for people, not profit.


Cat, Chris, Johnbosco, Alice, Pascale and The We Own It team

Whitewavemark2 Tue 06-Oct-20 09:19:20

I suppose that she has a loads of money to our friends contract, so they can’t just sack her.

There are lots of those contracts around all not delivering but the money all being trousered.

Teetime Tue 06-Oct-20 09:21:37

Too many people heading up medical establishments without any clinical qualifications or experience e.g. most CEOs of hospitals and Dido included.

suziewoozie Tue 06-Oct-20 10:01:42


Dido Harding must go . It's time this government removed people from post when they prove inadequate.

Says a lot about the government.

She’d proved inadequate before she was appointed - it’s called the chumocracy. Me I’d call it something else but it’d be deleted.

Callistemon Tue 06-Oct-20 10:05:27


^Test n Trace - Where’s Dido?^
She’s been put to the test and now she can’t be traced

The situation's not funny but your post was!

biba70 Tue 06-Oct-20 10:57:38

LOL Grannynannywanny ... as said above, situation is dire and not funny- but thanks for the laugh

biba70 Tue 06-Oct-20 10:58:07

Are we allowed to share?

Gwenisgreat1 Tue 06-Oct-20 11:04:58

I despair of what the country has become. Feels like it's drowning and the only ones trying to save us can't swim!!

varian Tue 06-Oct-20 18:15:08

But these people are not trying to save us Gwen they are only interested in saving themselves and their cronies.

biba70 Tue 06-Oct-20 21:27:36

What is so vastly unbelievable, and so upsetting - is that so many are still taken in - and will support them whatever they do- same as for Trump.