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grannyrebel7 Tue 06-Oct-20 19:52:06

Saw Angela Rayner this morning speaking on Good Morning Britain. Apparently she is now the shadow First Secretary of State, an impressive title for someone who has risen through the ranks from humble beginnings. However, I thought she let herself down badly in this interview. She resorted to name calling and insults, calling Boris Johnson an idiot twice and a buffoon. In my opinion this is just not professional no matter how much she doesn't agree with his policies. I've always been a Labour supporter, but I just can't support this sort of behaviour. I don't think Keir Starmer would act like this and I'm sure he wasn't too pleased with her either.

suziewoozie Tue 06-Oct-20 22:22:15

She’s not wrong though is she? Quite restrained in the circumstances😂

Gwyneth Tue 06-Oct-20 22:39:50

I don’t think I’ve ever heard Keir Starmer speak outside of Prime Minister’s question time?

flopen Tue 06-Oct-20 22:42:12

You're right. She's hopeless

lemongrove Tue 06-Oct-20 22:43:30

I agree grannyrebel and think she must learn how to speak in interviews ( being judged by the public) and leave the silly insults for when she’s chatting with friends and colleagues.

Galaxy Tue 06-Oct-20 22:44:00

She is important in terms of bringing the labour party together though.

Lexisgranny Tue 06-Oct-20 22:59:43

I thought she would bring a breath of fresh air to the Labour Party, but I’m afraid she has not impressed me. I hope she starts to learn quickly because name calling is childish when it comes from either side of the House.

I really do not agree with so many of the Conservative party’s decisions, and I was quite open to be swayed by Keir Starmer’s team, but sadly after a good start, I am still sitting on a very uncomfortable fence.

suziewoozie Tue 06-Oct-20 23:21:12

Johnson’s language is just so ..well.. spaffing, tank topped bum boys ....

Lexisgranny Tue 06-Oct-20 23:30:16

suziewoozie and your point? I did say from either side of the house.

Gwyneth Tue 06-Oct-20 23:34:07

What does ‘spaffing’ mean?

Doodledog Tue 06-Oct-20 23:35:23


Gwyneth Tue 06-Oct-20 23:38:53

Thank you Doodledog

suziewoozie Wed 07-Oct-20 07:45:27


suziewoozie and your point? I did say from either side of the house.

My post was a general one - making the point that some of the most disgusting language to ever pass a politician’s lips in oblivion comes from our PM ( he of the supposed best education available). He used the spaffing against the wall last year on national radio to describe money spent on historic child abuse enquiries- you know like the one that produced the report yesterday on the C of E and its failings,

suziewoozie Wed 07-Oct-20 07:46:35

In oblivion where did that come from?

suziewoozie Wed 07-Oct-20 07:47:33

Ah yes it was supposed to say in public

lemsip Wed 07-Oct-20 07:54:20

infighting already so early!

suziewoozie Wed 07-Oct-20 08:06:55


infighting already so early!

Infighting = disagreeing. At least my posts are a contribution to the subject of the thread rather than an empty post which adds nothing.