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Ministers favour their own constituencies with handouts

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Dinahmo Mon 12-Oct-20 18:57:53

On Andrew Marr on Sunday Robert Jenrick proudly announced that the govt had given £3.6 bn to 101 towns
left behind towns. 40 of those were defined as being most in need. Most of the remainder were marginal seats who voted Tory in the last election, bar one.

The following link is to the article written by Simon Jenkins in the Guardian which goes into greater details.

Just to remind you , Robert Jenrick is the MP who left London during the last lockdown to go to his second home and then drove several more miles to visit his parents. He is also the MP who tried to rush through Richard Desmond's planning application so that tax could be avoided.

varian Mon 12-Oct-20 19:02:26

I heard that interview and I think this is the gist of what he said-

The minister doesn't make the decision to give money to his constituency. Another minister makes that decision. Then the first minister decides to give taxpayers' money to the first minister's constituency - in other words !I'll scratch your back...."