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Riverwalk Fri 16-Oct-20 12:27:28

There's an online petition to name the Kent lorry park after Nige - a fitting tribute!


BlueBelle Fri 16-Oct-20 12:42:12

Oh no he’s arrogant enough to think it’s a complement

Riverwalk Fri 16-Oct-20 12:44:01

I doubt he'd attend the opening ceremony!

suziewoozie Fri 16-Oct-20 12:45:40

Kent or rather its people will suffer at least in Jan/Feb - lets hope they don’t have snow as well

vegansrock Fri 16-Oct-20 15:12:03

Anyone seen the hundreds of portaloos in Kent? They would be fitting tribute to Farage.

Riverwalk Fri 16-Oct-20 17:21:40

Yes, Portaloo will be doing good business. Bozo is doing his best to talk of the sunny uplands of an Australian deal.

He's a shameless charlatan who wasn't even a brexiteer.

Whitewavemark2 Fri 16-Oct-20 17:23:49

Listening to Johnson this afternoon, he sounded just like Trump. God spare us!

vegansrock Fri 16-Oct-20 17:50:57

Australian deal is same as Somalian deal - why doesn’t he call it that.?

varian Fri 16-Oct-20 17:52:11

Let's just be honest and call it what it is - NO DEAL

NotSpaghetti Fri 16-Oct-20 17:52:27


Australian deal is same as Somalian deal - why doesn’t he call it that.?


BBbevan Fri 16-Oct-20 18:37:53

It will be the Farige Garige anyway

Grannynannywanny Fri 16-Oct-20 18:59:45

Not sure about naming a lorry park after him. I think a fitting tribute to Farage would be to name a petrol tanker after him ?