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*Do you agree: Question Time 29/10/2020 – Flagship of the BBC1*

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sparklingsilver28 Fri 30-Oct-20 00:39:18

Question Time 29/10/2020 – Claimed flagship of the BBC1

Panel member Bonnie Greer identifies Britain’s lack of leadership a problem. What do you think?

Revealed by the pandemic a government whose likely response unable to demonstrate the practical skill and leadership to resolve the problem.

Cindersdad Fri 30-Oct-20 12:10:58

Both main parties had dreadful leaders and Liberal Democrats weren't any better with Joe Swinson. Sir Kier Starmer has unproven potential but all the good Tories have been pushed aside by the Vote.Leave coup. Bonnie Greer has said it as it is, the US is just as bad though Biden may pause the rot until a better one comes to the fore.

Rory Stewart, Dominic Greive, David Gaulke and Anna Soubry, all ousted by the Tories, could have done a good job. There were several Labour Mp's sacked by Corbyn who also had potential. The sad truth is that Brexit pushed out the best candidates in both parties. Who is to blame David Cameron for calling the referendum. Corbyn for being weak and clinging on. Farage, Johnson, Gove, Rees-Mogg and Cummings for being self serving liars.

Populism/extremism has failed miserably the world over!!!

NotSpaghetti Fri 30-Oct-20 12:13:38

I have to admit I prefer this format which allows more time to speak with less angry braying and less playing to the crowd.

merlotgran Fri 30-Oct-20 12:20:43

It's better without the audience but Bonnie Greer is 'preachy' which automatically gets my back up so I think I might have welcomed an intervention.

sparklingsilver28 Fri 30-Oct-20 14:41:00

merlotgran Bonnie Greer is OTT and the lack of intervention very noticeable. It seemed both audience and panel subjected to a lecture.

I also find the lack of opinion diversity in the audience bland and off putting. Whole thing needs to be invigorated.

yggdrasil Fri 30-Oct-20 16:54:31

I gave up watching ages ago, it seemed very scripted and government orientated.
I watch Newsnight instead, not perfect but better than QT
And if you want more information all round, watch Channel 4 news at 7pm

eazybee Fri 30-Oct-20 17:57:24

Stopped watching it years ago. The last one I enjoyed was when they had various MPs on who were cross-questioned about their expenses: Menzies (Ming) Campbell and silk cushions and Margaret Beckett and her caravan, among others.

SilentGames Fri 30-Oct-20 18:57:09

I so agree with you Yggdrasil. So scripted, very biased and even the audience questions seem that way too. As I said in a previous post I find google box is like that too. Some may disagree/agree

maddyone Fri 30-Oct-20 19:13:51

I usually like QT but I’m not impressed by the new format. It’s better with an audience but obviously that can’t be at the moment.
I dislike Bonnie Greer, she preaches. I don’t want to be preached at.