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Meghan's delay

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Sarnia Sat 31-Oct-20 11:20:35

Meghan has been granted a delay in her court case against the Daily Mail. It has been put back for 9-10 months on compassionate and private grounds. Baby number 2 on the way?

merlotgran Sat 31-Oct-20 11:41:23

Anything's possible I suppose. Whatever Meghan wants.....

I feel sorry for those who are giving evidence. More stressful for them, especially her father.

MawB2 Sat 31-Oct-20 11:43:58

My thought too, or perhaps seeing the way the wind is blowing, ducking down out of sight?

EllanVannin Sat 31-Oct-20 12:04:50

A baby born in the USA seals the deal for Harry.

Namsnanny Sat 31-Oct-20 12:10:31

Nothing is ever straight forward where M is concerned.
A good chance you're right Sarnia

eazybee Sat 31-Oct-20 12:10:32

Never thought of another child.
Her father has said that no-one in his family has lived beyond eighty, so he thinks it is delaying tactics. His words.

Jayt Sat 31-Oct-20 12:13:56

Why bother about what she’s doing? Who cares?

Namsnanny Sat 31-Oct-20 12:14:05

Did he eazybee?
Well, it would be messy for her, and everyone connected to the court case.
But she would have known that when she started.

Anniebach Sat 31-Oct-20 12:16:27

A planned pregnancy?

quizqueen Sat 31-Oct-20 12:24:30

If she is pregnant then surely she won't want to travel when the baby is very young to recommence the trial. It could have been conducted over zoom anyway. She is probably delaying it so she can build up her income to pay for when she loses!!!!

GagaJo Sat 31-Oct-20 13:05:44

There was a photo a couple of weeks ago that looked like a concealed bump.

Ellianne Sat 31-Oct-20 13:05:55

If they are having another baby I'm pleased for them, particularly Harry who always wanted a couple of children especially a girl. I doubt whether the Queen will ever see it though.
I would hope Meghan doesn't do all the public tummy rubbing this time round. If privacy is her number 1 priority it will be interesting to see if she chooses to remain discreetly quiet for 9 months.

Iam64 Sat 31-Oct-20 13:08:38

I hope there is another baby coming and that the parents will be as delighted as other parents when a brother or sister arrives to join baby 1.

GagaJo Sat 31-Oct-20 13:11:41

Let's just be happy for them.

merlotgran Sat 31-Oct-20 13:13:22

It's just speculation at the moment.

eazybee Sat 31-Oct-20 13:39:22

Surprised nobody has said it yet.
As long as she's OK.