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Rabbi Sacks RIP

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Whitewavemark2 Sat 07-Nov-20 18:55:57

He always struck me as a kind gentle man.

Ilovecheese Sat 07-Nov-20 19:09:10

Yes, this is sad news.

FannyCornforth Sat 07-Nov-20 19:12:46

RIP Jonathan Sacks flowers
A wise and kind man.

Fennel Sat 07-Nov-20 19:24:42

Very sad - RIP.
I knew he was ill, not sure yet if it was Covid.
He was such a good ambassador for Judaism.

maddyone Sat 07-Nov-20 19:28:27

Oh what very sad news.
I saw him many times on television, he was a wonderful ambassador for Judaism.
He apparently died from cancer.

M0nica Sun 08-Nov-20 08:14:29

How sad that he should be taken from the world so young. He was a great and good man and still had so much to contribute to life in this country.

NotSpaghetti Sun 08-Nov-20 08:23:51

I only heard this morning. What a loss for everyone. A wise man with, it seems, a heart brimming with love and compassion.

Smileless2012 Sun 08-Nov-20 09:36:25

He had so much love and wisdom; RIP.

wildswan16 Sun 08-Nov-20 10:02:27

A talented and humble man. I have learnt so much from his writing and broadcasts.

Teetime Sun 08-Nov-20 10:35:52

A great man. RIP flowers