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Funding for fossil fuel projects overseas.

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Namsnanny Wed 16-Dec-20 12:21:27

Quote: last year Britain committed £59.9million for coal mining. £50 million to Russia.

I hadn't heard anything about the UK supporting the fossil fuel industry abroad before.

But we are stopping this due to the need to support green fuels.

So many issues came to my mind when I read this.
Firstly couldn't this money have been better used in the past to rebuild the communities where mining was the major employer?

I admit to knowing very little about how political decisions are made. But some of our most disadvantaged communities have been left to cope without any hope of new jobs, and are still finding it hard to cope.

I would feel incensed if I lived there and read this.

Situpstraight2 Fri 18-Dec-20 15:19:37

We also send millions to China, you have wonder why.