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Listen to Barack Obama reading from his book

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Elegran Thu 17-Dec-20 09:34:39

As a change from hearing Trumpian rhetoric, you could tune in to the BBC for 15-minute episodes of ex-president Obama reading from the first volume of his memoir. Available from 14 Dec 2020 for 45 days. Free - a lot cheaper than buying it at £35, (or even at £17.50 currently)[Discovery_Cards]-[Multi_Site]-[SL02]-[PS_SOUNDS~N~~APromisedLandByBarackObama]

Lucca Thu 17-Dec-20 10:13:41

Caught part of that yesterday in the car. Lovely man

Lucca Thu 17-Dec-20 10:14:38

Also in my book he’s the definition of “cool”.

silverlining48 Thu 17-Dec-20 12:16:21

I am listening too, he is a very good speaker and such a massive contrast to his successor! ( who we will be so very pleased to see the back of next month).

Lisagran Thu 17-Dec-20 13:56:17

I’ve been listening to this - I think he’s such a lovely human being!

Marthjolly1 Thu 17-Dec-20 14:04:20

I'm enjoying this too. I also find his voice quite comforting

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 17-Dec-20 14:10:25

The interview he did with Professor David Olusuga recently, was very good too.