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New Year Honours - Hurrah

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grannyactivist Thu 31-Dec-20 02:11:15

This time last year I posted this:

“I get a bit cross with how these Honours are meted out. My father-in-law has been proposed many times for his 30 years of voluntary service, but without success; yet his work has benefited every Healthcare Trust in the country.

He does his work because he's passionate about improving life for as many people as possible, not for awards (he doesn't know that he's ever been nominated), but I'm glad to say that The Royal College of Psychiatry has recognised his contribution and presented him with their own award. He's a wonderful man.”

As I lay awake just now I scrolled through the NY Honours and his name leapt off the page at me. He has been awarded an MBE and I couldn’t be more pleased or proud. Also surprised that he actually kept it such an absolute secret!!

This incredibly difficult and emotional week just got infinitely better. smile

Ailsa43 Thu 31-Dec-20 02:15:20

Huge Congratulations to your F-I-l.. a long time coming and well overdue by the sound of it .

grannyactivist Thu 31-Dec-20 02:28:04

Thank you Ailsa, it’s rather frustrating that I have a lot on my mind so I can’t sleep, but now I really want to wake up the whole family (in all their far flung homes) just to tell them the news. I’m resisting the urge, but only just! grin

It’s also ironic that I’ve written, then deleted, several posts on GN in the past few days because they were all about fairly difficult (traumatic) situations and I think people have enough negativity to deal with at the moment, without me adding to it. It’s a joy to have something positive to write about.

V3ra Thu 31-Dec-20 02:45:13

grannyactivist that's fantastic news!
You can be rightly proud of your father-in-law, he sounds a wonderful man who's helped a lot of people.
Many congratulations to you all ?

annsixty Thu 31-Dec-20 02:47:45

Well congratulations to your FiL for recognition of his hard work and I can tell just how proud of him you are but I find generally the whole thing an anachronism in the the present days.
So many unjustly rewarded and so many unsung heroes passed over once again.

CanadianGran Thu 31-Dec-20 04:09:36

That is wonderful to be recognized for long term service.

Dinahmo Thu 31-Dec-20 08:50:16

Congratulations to your FIL. I'm sure the rest of your family will be overjoyed once they hear the news.

There will be thousands of unknown people out there who are recommended each year but sadly are not considered. Instead we have honours, often undeserved, given to the PM's cronies.

cornergran Thu 31-Dec-20 08:56:21

Many congratulations to your father in law grannya. I’m always pleased to see anyone acknowledged for voluntary services and even more pleased when their work supports mental health. I’m sure you’re still smiling and will be busy spreading the news amongst the family.

EllanVannin Thu 31-Dec-20 08:56:47

A wonderful achievement. Many congratulations to your FIL
I wish more of the " unknowns " were recognised in this way for their dedicated work throughout their lives.

Jaxjacky Thu 31-Dec-20 08:58:54

Congratulations, at last!

Viridian Thu 31-Dec-20 09:01:06

A lovely bit of news.

Gwyneth Thu 31-Dec-20 09:10:07

Very pleased for your father-in-law a well deserved recognition for 30 years of voluntary service. This is what the honours system should be for recognising people who voluntarily give of their time for the benefit of others. I get so angry when yet another actor/sportsperson/rich donor/extremely well paid civil servant/chief constable etc and numerous others receive honours for doing what they are very well paid to do.

sodapop Thu 31-Dec-20 09:10:53

Great news Grannyactivist your father in law sounds a very worthy recipient, congratulations to him.

grannyactivist Thu 31-Dec-20 10:20:25

Thank you all for sharing my delight. The family all awakened to the news this morning so the messages are flying.

My father-in-law has been a foster career for almost fifty years, was a volunteer for the Samaritans for decades and has set up countless support groups - as well as mentoring others to carry on his (unpaid) work. He truly deserves recognition. smile

Jane43 Thu 31-Dec-20 11:40:03

It’s good to hear that somebody truly deserving of an honour has received it at last. GrannyActivist, you and your family must be so proud.

Parsley3 Thu 31-Dec-20 11:41:41

What a worthy recipient your father-in-law is. Congratulations on his well deserved MBE.( It is rumoured to stand for My Blxxxx Effort). ?

Grannybags Thu 31-Dec-20 11:45:59

So lovely to hear of someone deserving receiving an award. Many congratulations [smile

Grannybags Thu 31-Dec-20 11:46:14

smile even!

PamelaJ1 Thu 31-Dec-20 13:42:09

He sounds like someone who really deserves his honour.
If only they all did.

Smileless2012 Thu 31-Dec-20 13:54:36

Congratulations to your f.i.l.grannyactivist what a wonderful way to end such a difficult year and begin a new onesmile.

Oldwoman70 Thu 31-Dec-20 13:58:24

It's people like your F-i-L who truly deserve to be recognised and honoured.

Like others I get really annoyed at so called "celebrities" receiving honours for merely doing a job they enjoy and get really well paid for.

GillT57 Thu 31-Dec-20 14:11:45

Your FiL sounds like a very well deserved recipient of the award, good news for your family, and congratulations. I haven't looked at the list of honours because like many, I get sick of seeing the cronies and timeservers getting awards for doing their jobs or funding political parties. I was however, bemused at the awards to the remaining players of the 1966 World Cup team, 52 years after the event? Really? I think I would send it back. However, hearing about your FiL has restored my faith, and I am delighted for your family.

BlueSapphire Fri 01-Jan-21 16:37:19

How wonderful for your family!

It was a great surprise to us all when my DBrother-in-law received the MBE about 30 years ago for the voluntary work he'd done for a charity. We knew nothing about his work as he certainly didn't broadcast it. It was a proud day.

BigBertha1 Fri 01-Jan-21 16:39:36

What a lovely thing to hear. Congratulations.

dragonfly46 Fri 01-Jan-21 16:49:46

Thats lovely grannyactivist and well - deserved.

My auntie got the MBE for helping to set up the WVS.