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King of Thailand Allegedly Ruling His Nation From German Ski Resort With a Retinue of Concubines

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GagaJo Wed 27-Jan-21 17:14:28

The eccentric billionaire king of Thailand, one of the world’s richest men with an estimated fortune of $40 billion, has been accused of breaking international law by governing his country from a luxury German ski resort, where he’s said to be seeing out the coronavirus pandemic in the company of a retinue of concubines.

Thailand insists King Rama, otherwise known as Maha Vajiralongkorn, is visiting the country in a private capacity. But WDR, a German public broadcaster, and the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper have published evidence that he’s using Germany as a base to conduct state affairs.

Over the past 18 months, he has sent nearly 100 letters to heads of state, most of them from his Bavarian retreat, according to an account of the investigation from The Times of London. He allegedly congratulated the Greek president on his appointment, named several new generals, and banned his sister from standing in Thai elections—all from the comfort of the luxury resort.

It’s claimed that he also issued an order for the execution of a criminal during his stay.

The Thai embassy in Berlin has yet to respond to the allegations.

BlueBelle Wed 27-Jan-21 17:43:30

Oh dear got enough to worry about in my own country can’t be bothered with someone else’s

merlotgran Wed 27-Jan-21 17:54:56

Where's Yul Brynner when you need him?

varian Wed 27-Jan-21 17:58:32

Thai woman jailed for record 43 years for criticising monarchy

Watch out GagaJo

GagaJo Wed 27-Jan-21 18:11:46

Hahahaha, Merlotgran, that was my thought exactly.

He broke his sisters ankles for daring to complain about his introduction of a 2nd queen varian.

sodapop Wed 27-Jan-21 19:30:04

Whoops HQ better shut down this thread before we all get in trouble grin

Callistemon Wed 27-Jan-21 20:02:24

Watch out GagaJo

Yes, be careful, he's almost next door
I can't see you as a concubine, somehow!

M0nica Wed 27-Jan-21 20:38:25

Thailand and its monarch has been in the news for a long time. In fact his licentious and extavagent lifestyle has been hitting the headlines since well before his father died.

Thailand has strict laws on lese-majeste and someone was sentenced to over 20 years in prison in the last few weeks for opposing his rule. He has a military government that support him and the whole regime is corupt to the umpteenth degree.

Still what does it matter when the weather is so good and the beaches and bar girls so obliging.

Shandy57 Wed 27-Jan-21 20:43:33

I am surprised to see this is being published on the web, we were warned to be very very careful when we were in Thailand.

M0nica Wed 27-Jan-21 23:31:55

Shandy57 This is a free country where we have freedom of speech where we are free to say what we wish providing we are not inciting people to acts violence or hatred towards other groups of people.

In this country we can freely criticise our own government and also the government of any other country. That is what we are doing.

Shandy57 Thu 28-Jan-21 00:08:20

MOnica, I meant the company on the web link quoted above, not this GN site.