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vampirequeen Thu 11-Feb-21 10:25:51

Before anyone jumps on me I know that Covid is serious but I wouldn't be British if I couldn't laugh at bad things.

There is a new variant coming out of the UK but we're not calling it the British variant although we're happy to say South African, Brazilian etc. We're calling it the Kent variant. Blaming a county rather than our country but is there is an ulterior motive? A lot of trade comes in through the Dover Ports so we could argue that the Kent variant didn't really start in Kent but was probably brought in by a foreign driver. Ergo no British variant and more evidence of how well we've handled the pandemic because we haven't produced our own variant. grin

Urmstongran Thu 11-Feb-21 10:49:40

And your explanation for the Bristol one is?

timetogo2016 Thu 11-Feb-21 10:52:45

I wonder how long it will be before theres a Black Country varient ?.
We have to keep our sense of humour,we brits are good at that.

vampirequeen Thu 11-Feb-21 10:56:10

Bristol is also a port grin

vampirequeen Thu 11-Feb-21 10:58:10

If we didn't have our warped sense of humour we might realise just how far up the creek without a paddle we are and actually begin to do something about it en masse. Maybe that's why people seem to riot more often abroad. Most of the time we just see the funny side and that stops us from taking direct action.

vampirequeen Thu 11-Feb-21 11:00:14

We can use the foreign import argument for at least the next month as most areas have an airport or ports grin

Callistemon Thu 11-Feb-21 11:14:30


Bristol is also a port grin

Lots of vehicles come in through Avonmouth - and are exported via there too.

I hope they have all been sanitised thoroughly.

Blossoming Thu 11-Feb-21 11:52:47

The Avonmouth Variant is a great title for a disaster movie.

vampirequeen Thu 11-Feb-21 12:58:05


The Avonmouth Variant is a great title for a disaster movie.

Oooh yes. Starring Keanu Reeves, Jason Statham, the one that was in Jurassic World, the one that was in the Circus film, gorgeous long haired one in Aquaman and Dwayne thingy from Jumani. I suppose there could be a actress in it too lol.

maddyone Thu 11-Feb-21 13:19:46

The virus mutates, therefore it can mutate in any area of the world. I understand certain conditions make mutations more likely, but the fact remains that the virus can mutate anywhere in the world.

Baggs Thu 11-Feb-21 13:47:59

Well said, maddyone. And it will mutate all over the world. The naming of various mutations is irrelevant.

Callistemon Thu 11-Feb-21 15:13:40


The Avonmouth Variant is a great title for a disaster movie.

No thanks! They've already had one tsunami here!

Redhead56 Thu 11-Feb-21 15:18:33

I would have thought Liverpool would have been blamed for the first variant phew what a relief!

NotSpaghetti Thu 11-Feb-21 15:24:40

Redhead56 Liverpool is next but one... after Belleek.

mokryna Thu 11-Feb-21 15:45:13

Funny vampirequeen when I told my friend, in the uk, that we have the English virus here, I was sharply told that is wasn’t called that name because it could have originated in any county. However she continued to talk about the SA one in the uk.
DGD’s secondary school has closed this week because of the virus anglais, for the first time since September.

AGAA4 Thu 11-Feb-21 15:52:43

As the virus will mutate there could be many variants. I just hope my little village doesn't have a variant named after it.

vampirequeen Fri 12-Feb-21 14:02:13

Oooh I love the Virus Anglais. Yes it started here but sounds as if it came from France grin