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Nigel Farage still hasn't gone away. Like a bad apple he floats to the surface

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Dinahmo Sun 28-Mar-21 18:31:30

The Dutch Green Business Group which plants trees for carbon capture has appointed NF to its advisory board because he will facilitate introductions to politicians in the UK and around the world.

Farage’s new employers claim on their website that they will “harness free market forces and the access to capital needed to rapidly accelerate the reforestation of Earth”.

"Reforestation “represents an exciting opportunity for the capital markets and for private individuals”, according to the website. It added that it will “act in great service to all life and to the Creator”.

Farage has a long record of scepticism about climate action. In 2013, he told the European parliament that “we may have made one of the biggest and most stupid collective mistakes in history by getting so worried about global warming”.

Contradicting the overwhelming consensus of the global scientific community as well as international bodies such as the United Nations, Farage claimed that “science was not settled” on the climate, and said that “measures we are taking to combat what may or not be a problem are damaging our citizens”. "

This is the man who failed to get a parliamentary seat 7 times. Does he have that many friends in politics? Apart from Trump that is.

The above quote is from the Guardian

Lucca Sun 28-Mar-21 18:33:13

Watch out he has fans on GN

Dinahmo Sun 28-Mar-21 19:33:21

Can't think why!

Jaxjacky Sun 28-Mar-21 20:02:45

I can think of others things that float to the surface Dinahmo.

growstuff Mon 29-Mar-21 18:02:57


I can think of others things that float to the surface Dinahmo.

So can I. We used to call them floaters.

Dinahmo Mon 29-Mar-21 18:03:50